Zetaris Launches Lightning Fast Data Expansion Kit and Industry Solutions Offer Powered by Dataiku at Snowflake Summit 2023

LAS VEGAS, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Zetaris, the world-leading unified data preparation studio, today unveils a lightning fast data expansion kit and industry solution trial offer, both powered by Dataiku, the platform for everyday AI, at the Snowflake Summit 2023.

Zetaris is releasing two exciting offers at the Summit. The Zetaris Data Expansion Kit (BYOD) enables organizations to bring their own data from any source and integrate it into a single view and prepare all data assets in the studio. Users can connect to the data science layer to create and deliver data and advanced analytics using the latest techniques at scale. This speeds up time, reduces complexity and is far more cost effective than traditional methods.

The Zetaris Industry Solutions offer provides users with vertical end-to-end analytical solutions to their most pressing business needs. It is through the Dataiku plug-in that Zetaris creates an easy way for Dataiku customers to connect to the hard-to-reach data sources in real-time, expanding the datasets you can connect to in a unified manner. Dataiku strengthens the proposition of Zetaris by providing an insights layer for AI.

Vinay Samuel, CEO and founder of Zetaris, enthuses, “We are delighted to partner with Dataiku to unlock the power and benefits of real-time access and query of data, without the complexity and cost of having to move the data and clean it. Users can self-serve and test an end-end environment preloaded with sample data, semantic model pipelines, a data mart and plumbed Dataiku model. Organizations can replace sample data connections to real data and seamlessly transition to a commercial model and leverage out-of the box data quality management of the source data set.”

Abhijit Madhugiri, Vice President, Global Technology Alliances, Dataiku

says, “Our collaboration with Zetaris holds considerable importance for our Snowflake customers. The utilization of Dataiku’s advanced analytical models as a plug-in for Zetaris’ Virtual Data Marts is transforming how businesses sample and utilize their raw data. Together, we’re streamlining data processes, ensuring high-quality data monitoring, and ultimately, driving rapid innovation.”

Through their referral and reseller partnership, Zetaris with supporting technology from Dataiku, offers organizations fast access to disconnected data through a one-stop shop for data integration and preparation across all data assets through one pane of glass. This enables users to minimise time spent accessing and preparing data, maximise time delivering value through insight, dramatically reducing cost, complexity and turbocharging insights and competitiveness. The offer trial enables users to access both the Zetaris and Dataiku platforms enabling five key integration styles: data virtualization, real time ETL, change data capture, streaming and replication.

“It is as simple as installing Zetaris to the organization’s production environment and connecting the pre-built solution directly to the data. This removes months of data discovery, model development and training, data movement and implementing new data quality monitoring processes. This makes it easy for customers to connect with their systems and leverage fast data analytics insights. Zetaris also enables rapid use case prototyping and use case validation,” explains Vinay.

Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake says, “We are delighted by the ‘better together’ story of Zetaris and Dataiku. They are unlocking the power and benefits of real-time access and querying of data, without the complexity, cost, and security risk of moving, cleaning and storing data.”

Dataiku leverages advanced analytics to generative AI to simplify the creation of analytical dashboards and data products so technical and business can make rapid decisions through a guided visual interface. “Together we have overcome the challenges of disparate data silos, providing a game changing shift in the way customers can prepare and use analytical data virtualization in their digital and data strategies,” explains Vinay.

Zetaris enables organizations to reduce standard query times of eight hours to just 30 seconds. This dramatically saves time, cost, complexity and reduces errors. The Zetaris Data Preparation Studio lets you instantly join and access data silos virtually, across your whole data ecosystem, whilst ensuring data governance and security by removing the need to move data, analyzing it at its source. Whether it’s in the cloud, on-premises, or multiple devices or anywhere, you get a single, unified view of your data enabling faster, more comprehensive and accurate data insights.

To take up the Zetaris Data Expansion Kit and Zetaris Industry Solutions trial offers at the Snowflake Summit, please visit Zetaris booth at 1260.  To learn more about the trial offers, please click here: https://www.zetaris.com/dataiku.

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About Zetaris

Zetaris is the world-leading unified data preparation studio enabling modern data integration styles including data virtualization, real-time ETL and streaming for fast, low-cost migration and integration into Snowflake.

Zetaris massively simplifies and expedites data analysis. Zetaris is decentralized so you don’t have to move data into a centralized data warehouse, cloud or lake for analysis. Organizations can derive value from their data without undergoing costly and inefficient extract, transform and load processes.

Zetaris was founded in Australia in 2013 and from the outset, we built a disruptive technology stack and assembled a team of highly experienced data scientists and developers. Our software is trusted by thousands of users, connected to hundreds of thousands of data sources, and solving millions of customers’ data problems worldwide.

Zetaris recently raised $30 million, securing funding from In-Q-Tel (CIA backed), Exto Partners, Vulpes Ventures Singapore, 72 Capital and others. Zetaris is now valued in excess of USD $150 million. Zetaris was the winner of Australian Computer Society’s CXO Disruptor of the Year 2019.

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