Your Content, Your Babble: OurBabble Introduces an Innovative Social Media Platform to Provide Users More Control Over Their Online Content and Experience

DACULA, Ga., Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Suspensions, banned accounts and closures, and the overall restriction of free speech have become commonplace on social media these days.

A new company, OurBabble, Inc., ( ), is looking to change that with the launch of its innovative social media platform that will enable users more control over their social media content and experience while offering small businesses affordable advertising options.

Inspired by a former Army veteran’s and entrepreneur’s frustration with corporate social media platforms, OurBabble’s site provides consumers the ability to manage the type of speech/posts they see, eliminating the need for deleting, blocking, or unfollowing family and friends. Instead, they can block certain types of speech. The site also allows users to decide on advertising with options for partial or no ads on their platform.

Think of it as your content and your babble…your way.

"It is beyond time for people to take back their social media and stop allowing the companies to control the narrative," said Joseph Caudle, CEO of OurBabble. "Users can engage on their own terms — free of algorithms, tracking, censorship, or fact-checking. No more being told your opinion or thought is missing ‘context’ because it didn’t fit with what a large tech company wanted to force upon you."

In another unique feature of OurBabble, the site will offer a special area inside the platform that will allow its members to view public posts across the U.S. and globally. This is designed to give users more comprehensive access to a wider range of information and opinions on timely issues and topics.

OurBabble also seeks to give small businesses a break with exclusive access to affordable advertising on its platform.

Top features and benefits of the OurBabble social media platform include:

  • Users control their social media experience.
  • Engage on your own terms.
  • Only small businesses are allowed to advertise.
  • Ability to see everyone posting, not just who you are allowed to see.
  • No tracking, no spying, no algorithms, and no corporate censorship.
  • Control the speech rather than deleting your family or friends.
  • Encourages and promotes a diversity of opinions and views.

After facing a four-day ban on a social media platform, Caudle was driven to create his concept for OurBabble.

"I wanted a platform free of manipulation, tracking, and intrusion on my life. When I was banned for basically stating my opinion and thoughts, I told myself…There has to be a better way," Caudle recalled.  "As an Army veteran and small business owner, I have always been the type of person that goes by a basic philosophy…’If it’s broke, fix it’."

Caudle said he is not concerned about possible abuse of the OurBabble platform from bots and malicious users, and he added that employees and users will have an active role in keeping the platform a safe and fun social media environment.

He also credited the efforts of his wife, Regina Caudle, who is the social media platform’s COO, and his younger sister, CMO Desiree Sullivan, with providing key contributions to the company’s development.

"In the words of one developer, we have possibly created an industry-changing platform," he said.


OurBabble, Inc. is an engaging social media platform offering content filtering for users and affordable advertising for small businesses.

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