You Own Your Online Search Data, So Why Shouldn’t You Profit From It? – Dorado Exchange Beta-Launches Revolutionary Opt-In Ad Management Platform

‘Big Data companies are making billions every year off your online browsing data – it’s time you take back your share of the profits…’

RENO, Nev., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dorado Exchange LLC announced the beta launch of its unique opt-in ad management platform. Dorado Exchange is an ad-managing Chrome extension that allows its Users to get paid for each ad impression they see online.

Dorado Exchange incentivizes Users to voluntarily input their market interests into the platform for redeemable credits. The platform then presents those Users with relevant advertisements based on their selected interests as they explore Dorado partner Publishers.

This exchange allows advertisers to reach their target market with higher quality, first-party data without using intrusive tactics, as well as drives traffic and results to partner Publishers. The Dorado Ad Manager Beta browser extension is currently available for use now.

"Who decided our data wasn’t ours to profit from?" said Kevin Garcia, Co-Founder of Dorado Exchange. "That’s the main question that drove us to create the Dorado Exchange. We’re a free, easy-to-use Chrome extension and we allow our Users to earn compensation for each ad impression they see, while visiting content sites registered with the Exchange. Our ecosystem is 100% opt-in, with each Users, Advertisers, and Publishers all playing a vital role in generating value for a mutually advantageous exchange. It’s a whole new ad-revenue model that actually works for everyone."

The Dorado Exchange: A Digital Evolution

The current digital model involves Big Data companies who harvest and resell User data – flooding Users with irrelevant ads and bogging down the online experience with a carpet-bombing ad approach. Ultimately, Users get frustrated and end up avoiding high-ad-volume websites, or deploy ad blockers to reduce ad views. This reduces ad revenue for Publishers and decreases the chances that Advertisers will reach their intended audience.

The Dorado Exchange replaces this stale old system with a fresh, innovative approach. A system that benefits all parties involved:

  • Good for Vendors: Ads are only shown to the desired target audience, improving user engagement and conversions – without invading users’ privacy.
  • Good for Publishers: Earn more revenue by providing better browsing experiences for Users and better results for Advertisers.
  • Good for Users: Caters to their specific consumer interests and allows them to earn cash-redeemable credits for every ad presentation.

"We’re currently collecting a lot of user feedback during this Beta Launch," said Brian Garcia, Co-Founder of Dorado. "We’re hoping to hear about issues involving usability, performance, and what users most like from the service. Ultimately, the market will guide our next enhancements as we ensure we’re always meeting User expectations for ease of use, performance, and value. It has been a challenging road reengineering how data is collected and monetized, but building and maintaining trust with our customers is the best path for success and growth as we build an exciting alternative to the current ad model."

About Dorado Exchange LLC

Founded in 2020, Dorado Exchange is a tech company changing the way online ad experiences work for everyone. Starting with the premise that consumers own their own commercial data, Dorado believes that individual Users should control how that information gets shared – including sharing the monetization, rather than just allowing Big Data firms to collect all the profits. This vision continues to fuel the development of a truly revolutionary opt-in platform where free market transactions deliver a better online ecosystem that benefits all the stakeholders: customers, content publishers, and advertisers. Learn more at:

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