XYZ Launching .Homes .Autos .Motorcycles .Boats .Yachts Domain Names at 60-80% Off

LAS VEGAS, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Following the significant price drop of .Makeup domain names and the successful launch of .Beauty .Hair .Skin .Makeup & .Quest, the XYZ Registry is gearing up for its highly-anticipated re-branding and unprecedented price drops for five new top-level domains (nTLDs) – specifically .Homes, the premier domain for real estate professionals; .Autos, the domain that translates to “cars” all over Latin America and Europe; and .Motorcycles, .Boats, and .Yachts, three fundamental TLDs for the transportation industry.

With the launch date officially set for June 14th, the XYZ Registry is kicking off their rebranding campaign by slashing prices up to 80% off for consumers. The cost to register these domain names will drop dramatically to $19.99/year MSRP for all standard .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats, and .Yachts domains, a significant decrease from the current $100/year and $50/year MSRP price points.

XYZ has been creating innovative opportunities in the digital domain space for professionals, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and thrill-seekers to brand their product or service with next-level name recognition.  The .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats, and .Yachts URLs provide the affordable and accessible driving force to launch your brand’s online presence into orbit.

XYZ CEO & Founder Daniel Negari echoes his excitement, “One innovation rarely used in this space is price innovation, bringing our new domain names with superior availability and cool branding to the same playing field as legacy incumbents like .com and .org. Our re-launch of HAMBY marks our second significant price innovation, after we lowered the wholesale price of .Makeup domains by about 99% from $8,000/year to < $20/year MSRP. XYZ now has 12 domain extensions with extremely competitive standard pricing and we look forward to innovating further and continuing to improve domain name choices for consumers.”

Leave your mark on these booming industries by making your URL memorable, attention-grabbing, and exciting to potential clients and like-minded pros with an industry-specific TLD. Just ask these newly minted XYZ community members: – San Francisco-based realtor – Home energy saving app – Marketing website featuring a high profile collab w/ Lil Yachty – Tailor-made yacht manufacturer

Whether pro or just-for-show, there’s a home at XYZ to call your own. To learn more, be sure to visit XYZ.Homes, XYZ.Autos, XYZ.Motorcycles, XYZ.Boats, and XYZ.Yachts.

Those who don’t want to miss the boat can register the domain names of their choice at legacy prices NOW, BEFORE the June 14th rebranding price drop, and will be eligible for renewal prices on the new standard tiers. Check with participating retailers for more information.

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XYZ is a next-generation technology company giving all people fresh domain name options, including the most popular new domain in the world, .xyz. The registry also operates .Cars, .Car, and .Auto, .College, .Rent, .Security, .Protection, .Theatre, .Storage, .Baby, .Monster, .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, .Makeup, and .Quest. Learn more about XYZ on Fox Business News with Maria Bartiromo and Wired, or at

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