xpression chat Allows for Virtual Conversations with Animated Photos of Anyone or Any Face

New Versatile Real-Time AI Video Generation SDK Eases Integration into Any Application

TOKYO, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EmbodyMe, Inc., a Tokyo-based generative AI developer, is proud to announce the launch of xpression chat, a revolutionary application that brings virtual conversations to life through technical AI wizardry. Smartphone (iOS and Android) users can now experience lifelike conversations with celebrities, secret crushes, pets, or any character with a face, using just a single photo and a few customization details.

With the power of xpression chat’s generative AI technology, combined with ChatGPT, any static photo is transformed into an interactive companion that comes alive with real-time movement and chat. The possibilities are boundless for users, who can now engage in daily conversations with their favorite actors, singers, or reality stars, express their deepest feelings to secret crushes, or even reconnect with loved ones who have passed away.

“A single photo is all it takes to start a vibrant conversation,” said Issay Yoshida, CEO of EmbodyMe, Inc. “Realistic exchanges with your photo avatar are only limited by your imagination.”

In addition to launching xpression chat, EmbodyMe’s real-time AI video generation SDK is now available for iOS/Android/Windows/Mac. This solution marks a significant advancement in the realm of AI technology, enabling seamless integration of AI-generated chatbots into various applications. With this new technology, EmbodyMe is offering tailored solutions for various industries such as customer support, digital signage and education, thereby extending the capabilities of xpression chat for business. The SDK is extremely versatile and can be incorporated into smartphone apps, live streaming, gaming, video production, advertising, and much more. With EmbodyMe’s new SDK, the potential for dynamic, engaging, and personalized content creation is limitless. 

xpression chat and the new SDK is the latest addition to EmbodyMe’s impressive product lineup. Last year, the company introduced xpression camera, a real-time, face-filtering app that replicates users’ facial expressions on any face-featured photo, animating it with voice or facial cues. A vast number of users have embraced the app, leveraging it in video meetings, live streaming, and casual conversations. Setting itself apart from competitors in the real-time filtering space, xpression camera ensures complete user privacy by replacing facial and background images on-screen.

Experience the future of virtual conversations with xpression chat! Download the app now on App Store/Google Play and engage in captivating dialogues with your favorite characters, friends, and loved ones. xpression chat has a default image that can be used free up to five times a day or users can purchase premium membership including unlimited photos and chats for $7.99 a week/ $79.99 a year/$244.99 for lifetime.

About EmbodyMe, Inc.
EmbodyMe, Inc. is a Tokyo-based company specializing in generative AI, enabling user-generated video and image manipulation content. With a team of experts in deep learning and computer graphics technologies, EmbodyMe provides innovative solutions to today’s most pressing audio-visual communication challenges. The company boasts support from renowned investors, including Techstars, IncubateFund, and DeepCore (a Softbank AI-focused fund). EmbodyMe has previously released successful products such as EmbodyMe, a VR app, xpression for iOS, a meme generator, xpression camera, and now, xpression chat.

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