Why Western Companies Can Look to Asia To Be Part of The World’s Next Big Advertising Boom

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Seoul-based digital marketing experts InterAd have provided insight into the future of mobile advertising in Asia – and how Western companies can be part of the next big advertising boom.

The SEO and SEM specialists have revealed that mobile advertising is growing at a greater rate in Asia than anywhere else in the world, and is set to continue to explode over the next five years.

Asia is the world‘s fastest-growing internet region, where mobile users on average watch more weekly online video than they do the US, Canada or Europe, and while Korea, Indonesia and Singapore all lead the surge in mobile engagement in Asian countries, India in particular is proving itself a powerful emerging mobile market, with a huge 425% growth in mobile ad requests – far ahead of the USA’s steady 170% increase.

Meanwhile eCPM growth is being led by Singapore (154%), Japan (125%), and Australia (111%) Compare that to the eCPM growth in the US of 79%, and it’s clear that while the industry is growing everywhere, it’s Asia where it is exploding.

This exponential growth is expected to continue over the next five years. Mobile ad spend in Asia is expected to grow 88% over the next few years – that’s a higher rate than that of North America and Europe – and the digital economy in Asia as a whole, meanwhile, is projected to reach $200 billion by 2025.

All that unrivalled mobile engagement means Western companies should be looking to Asia to market themselves, say the experts.

“This is the perfect moment for western companies to increase their digital presence and efforts in Asia,” commented Stanley Chang, CEO of InterAd, the digital creative consultancy which helps companies localise their business to Asia.

“The vast growth of mobile advertising in Asia in recent years is astounding, but not surprising,” adds Chang, who has more than 18 years of experience in developing digital strategies, and maximizing the online presence of businesses, “Asian consumers are increasingly mobile-first, and the rising rates of mobile engagement reflect that.”

“Western companies can be part of the boom too,” advises Chang, “by applying an effective SEO and SEM strategy, and combining that with our local knowledge of the market.”

“Coming from the SEO industry, I’ve seen huge increases in mobile engagement over the years,” said Chang, “But this boom in Asia rivals anything I’ve seen before. It’s extraordinary. To see it happening in my home continent – and to be leading the charge in making it happen with digital marketing – is incredibly exciting to be part of.”

“To help other businesses be part of it too? That’s the most exciting part of all,” he adds.

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