Why Stay Home Alone When You Can Find an Instant Friend For an Activity Without Having to Plan For it in Advance

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ –Beginning in September 2021, WE-KONEKT will be available for download to all users on Android and iOS operating systems from the Google Play and App Store in the United States. With their currently running Kickstarter campaign, the mobile application WE-KONEKT is quickly on its way to becoming a solution for people that would, otherwise, keep from doing an activity because they don’t have someone to do it with.

Unlike other projects asking for funding on Kickstarter.com to complete their product, the WE-KONEKT app is already completed. Collaborating with ATSAP LLC for the creation of the software, the first version of the WE-KONEKT application sits in waiting for launch.

The main goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds for intensive marketing of the app moving forward, drive awareness, and create excitement around the soon-to-launch platform, all while providing an amazing opportunity for future users to take part in the day-1 launch by offering discounted subscription pricing, Beta testing access, and company recognition for pledges.

How is WE-KONEKT different?

  • More than just one-on-one connections. It, also, caters to couples and groups.
  • No enduring one to two weeks of prior planning and coordination for an outing.
  • Offering pay-as-you-go subscriptions. Not obligated to have recurring monthly charges.
  • Travelers/Business people can experience an unknown place with those familiar with the area.
  • No risk for 1-day subscribers. You don’t pay if you don’t "konekt" within 24 hours.

"So many times I wished I had an instant friend to do something with on short notice.  And so, for a long time, I contemplated how I could make this happen for me and others that felt the same way.  This project has been many years in the making, in my mind, and I am grateful that I am finally able to bring it to life." 
Julissa Rosario; Founder and CEO of WE-KONEKT LLC. 

September is quickly approaching and with every day that passes WE-KONEKT comes even closer to their goal of connecting people in need of an activity buddy. For access to a video and more detailed information about WE-KONEKT head over to their Kickstarter Campaign to make a "KONEKTION"

CAMPAIGN LINK: Let’s connect with: WE-KONEKT by Julissa Rosario — Kickstarter  
                              (Includes descriptive video)(campaign ends on August 30, 2021)

                                   Or visit their official website at www.we-konekt.com

Contact Information

Julissa Rosario –Founder (Tampa, FL)
Phone: (813) 951-2772

Edward Colon –Marketing (Portland, OR)
Phone: (813) 767-5072

Facebook: Facebook.com/we.konekt1
Instagram: @we.konekt
Twitter: @WE_KONEKT