Where is Picasso? Stretch Gallery’s Epic Scavenger Hunt Enables Winner to Take Home a Certified, Signed “Missing” Picasso at Art Basel Miami 2022

PHILADELPHIA and MIAMI, Nov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stretch Gallery, an art collective merging the physical and digital, is bringing interactive art to Art Basel Miami 2022 with its scavenger hunt Where is Picasso? The event is powered by the Let’s Roam app, which creates memorable digitally guided experiences in more than 400 cities worldwide.

Where is Picasso? is set to launch Friday, December 2 and continue across the entire city of Miami until 5pm on Sunday, December 4. The scavenger hunt scenario involves a hypothetical activist group that has stolen a rare Picasso sketch, and participants must solve challenges and accumulate tokens in order to bid in an auction for a one-of-a-kind collection of art pieces. Along the way, participants will interact with local businesses, restaurants, and landmarks as they discover the vibrant beauty of Miami Beach and the magic of Art Basel.

“What an amazing way for art lovers to see the city and all the amazing museum-quality works of art,” says Stretch Gallery Founder Peter Groverman. “We are reviving a traditional activity with leading technology and creating highly engaging interactive art in one of the sunniest and stylish places on the planet.”

The collection of unique prizes for winners includes:

  • An Original Picasso Sketch, “Picasso F” – Remixed by the elusive artist PeterF and the StudioF team
  • An Original Andy Warhol Sketch – “Warhol F” – A mixed media original by the elusive artist PeterF
  • A LUXX.Miami – VIP Luxury Car Experience
  • An Official FYRE Festival Badge – From the original event on a sterling silver chain.
  • A World War II Nazi General’s Ring – Melted down into a Jewish Star
  • A Cold War Official KGB Officer’s Lapel Pin

 Where is Picasso? represents the first collaboration for Stretch Gallery and Let’s Roam, and they will be partnering up on other interactive art experiences in other cities, including Art Basel locations in Paris, Hong Kong, and Basel, Switzerland.

“Let’s Roam is thrilled to combine our app-led scavenger hunt activities with such an iconic piece and artist. It’s truly the confluence of old and new in one epic adventure,” says Let’s Roam Founder and CEO Charlie Harding.

Immersive entertainment already represented a rapidly growing intersection of technology and creativity prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a market value of $61.8 billion in 2019. Accelerated technology adoption and a return to in-person activities have created even greater demand for interactive art and the kind of immersive experiences Stretch is aiming to create in physical locations, the Spatial metaverse, and beyond.

Where is Picasso? Is accepting participants, sponsors, and riddle-makers for the scavenger hunt. Sign up to participate, sponsor, or submit your own local riddles at whereispicasso.com.

About Stretch Gallery: When it comes to the art world, there is a big difference between preserving culture and building culture. Stretch Gallery aims to do both. By generating an environment bridging physical and digital worlds to empower artists and connect them with collectors. Stretch Gallery is located in the art district of Miami, with a digital mirror gallery in the Spatial Metaverse. This Meta-Gallery hosts intra-artist critiques, exclusive showings, guided tours, and interactive experiences. The physical gallery will host exhibitions, parties, VIP events, and workshops. To view the virtual gallery and learn more about Stretch Gallery, visit: www.StretchGallery.com.

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