We Are Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month with the Launch of RTRO – a Positivity Focused Social Platform for Gen Z

WHO:             Nicole Falco (RTRO Founder), Tristan Brennan (RTRO Co-Founder)

NEW YORK, May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The RTROfun app launched this week in the Apple App Store to take us back to the time where social media was about positive connections, not negative comparisons.

RTROfun is the first multimedia experiential social network combining chat, AI and interactive entertainment to facilitate discovery and authentic engagement for brands, creators and people. RTROfun was created by experiential marketing agency founders to refocus social media on building connections and exploring entertaining content. RTROfun is a safe space for people, brands and creators with no algorithms, negative content, or harmful trolling.

RTROfun will deliver the newest innovation around chat, leveraging it as the simplest way for people, brands and creators to quickly connect, manage their communities, engage in meaningful conversations and share content fast and easily.

RTROfun is also the first free social platform with an Open AI / ChatGPT integration to support the community experience with ideas and inspiration for enriching conversations and finding interesting things to do in person or online.

RTROfun will provide an alternative for brands looking for authentic and scalable ways to engage with users. 77% of Gen Z would like a social platform with a dedicated feature for brand-sponsored experiences, shopping, and entertainment.  RTRO‘s founders come from the digital and physical experiential marketing space and applied their two decades of work with over 500 brands to develop higher performing solutions for brands around social commerce, shoppable experiences, audience engagement and user generated content – which outside of China is still a challenge globally.

RTROfun takes us back to when social was simple and is the solution for the 2 billion+ Gen Z looking to live their best digital lives and for the digital advertising industry ready for its evolution. May is Mental Health Month, and we are ready to celebrate it!

Join us and #LogOntoLife @RTROfun.


Of the 8 billion people on the globe 4.9 billion use social media. While it is one of the most popular online activities for more than half the human population, it is in crisis and has become a place of comparison instead of connection. 69% of Millenials and Gen Z in the US feel negative and depressed using it due to addictive algorithms, predatory advertising, and negative content. This has led to groups like the Seattle school system to sue platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Google,, slamming their business models over contributing to a wide scale mental health crisis among youths.

Countless brands including Bottega Veneta and Lush are calling for action and focusing on “digital divestment” to highlight their conscious choice to exit TikTok and Meta-owned social platforms due to ethical concerns. Lush commissioned a research report with Opinium Research and found that 73% of respondents think brands should exit “unethical” social platforms, and 75% believe the same for regular users.

Despite all of this, social media is here to stay and projected to grow to 6 billion by 2027. It provides a tremendous amount of value for the key things we want and need as humans: connections, conversations and content. These were the core experiences of original social media platforms and many of us including Gen Z are nostalgic for a return to these simpler digital times.

RTRO was designed and developed to provide simply just that.

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