Waldo Photos Launches Healthier Photo Sharing Alternative to Facebook and Instagram

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Waldo Photos is thrilled to announce the launch of a healthier alternative to Facebook and Instagram, where families and friends can genuinely share and discover candid moments, without the popularity contest, intrusive advertising, or worries about the privacy of their data. 

For the past 5 years, the platform has been available to hundreds of thousands of families and employees of the K-12 communities and businesses that have partnered with Waldo to share photos more privately and conveniently with their customers through Waldo’s opt-in, AI-based face-finding, and mobile delivery. The new service aims to provide an ad-free, non-toxic alternative to sharing and discovering authentic and genuine memories with those who matter most and as of today will be available to everyone, for everyday use.

Research across academic, nonprofit, and even internal staff at Facebook/Meta has brought to light a wide array of potential dangers of some of the largest social media platforms that billions of people use daily. Waldo Photos founder and CEO Rodney Rice is setting forth to tackle these insidious issues with the same confidence and know-how that he used when he set his sights on reimagining the confident hiring of home services as co-founder of HomeAdvisor.

"As a father of three college-aged children, I’ve seen firsthand the damage the social media platforms have caused over the past decade to everyone’s mental health," said Rodney Rice, CEO of Waldo, "As of today, we’re now offering a healthier and safer alternative for everyday photo sharing that is ad-free, non-toxic and secure. People have loved Waldo within the private communities we’ve served thus far and I’m excited to bring our new Plus & Premium offerings to everyone."

Features of Waldo Plus & Premium

–  Ad-free, non-toxic photo sharing, just genuine and candid moments with those who matter most

–  Easily gather & share smartphone and DSLR photos via iOS, Android and web friendly apps

–  Circles for easily sharing an event with family, friends or colleagues

–  Automated face finding delivers every photo of you and your family via text or app notifications

–  Private only commenting and reacting

–  Smart alerts keep you in touch with the photos you want to see

–  Beautiful premium prints & personalized photo cards, mailed for you!

About Waldo Photos

Waldo Photos is an ad-free, non-toxic photo-sharing app The service is available on Apple, Android, and the web and allows for authentically sharing photos across devices and platforms with those who matter most. Free from popularity contests and committed to data privacy, Waldo makes it easier to share photos from life’s moments. Waldo was founded by the co-founder / CEO of HomeAdvisor, Rodney Rice, and is backed by Upfront Ventures and Lewis & Clark.  www.waldophotos.com

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Zachary Weiner


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