Vurbl Launches Android App and Exclusive Shows With TikTok Star Tyler Regan

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Streaming audio platform Vurbl has launched its Android app and two exclusive shows with Tyler Regan of TikTok fame. Regan, who has 1.2 million TikTok followers, will host the Poster Boys Podcast and Tyler Regan’s station on the free audio platform that puts creators first and gives listeners a new way to discover audio content of all kinds. Vurbl has the only audio streaming apps (IOS and Android) that allow podcasters and other creators to share audio snippets straight to TikTok and other social media channels.

The weekly Poster Boys Podcast, co-hosted by Jordan Kaplan, a.k.a. Judy, will take a comedic look at internet trends past and present. Regan will also post daily content on Vurbl’s Tyler Regan’s station.

"The rise of the internet and social media is arguably the most defining aspect of my generation, so I couldn’t imagine a better topic for a podcast," said Regan. "We chose Vurbl because it truly walks the line between being a podcast platform and a social media platform, and will give listeners unique ways to interact with what we’re doing. While the show is focused on comedy, it also will provide valuable insights on the creator space."

Launched in 2020, Vurbl is an audio streaming platform that allows content creators to upload content, build a following, and monetize their work. Podcasters and other audio creators can start their own audio stations and create playlists of clips of full episodes they love, and easily make audio snippets to share on TikTok, Twitter and other social channels. As audio content skyrockets, Vurbl gives listeners a better way to discover and share it, and for advertisers to work with creators.

"We built Vurbl to help short-form audio go viral since day one, so nothing made more sense than to bring talented social media stars and their fans onto the platform," said Vurbl CEO and Co-founder Audra Gold. "We couldn’t be happier to have Tyler Regan take the lead in the long line of TikTok stars that will be adding audio to their content mix and using Vurbl as the platform where they can build an audience and monetize both short-form and long-form audio content. We think it’s a match made in multi-media multi-platform heaven, poised to build audiences on both sides, thrilling listeners with short form viral audio and expanding the industry’s perception of the antiquated podcast format."

"Poster Boy"s Episode Schedule:
December 7 – TikTok and Toasters
December 14 – Live Stream
December 21 – Christmas Special
December 28 – 2021 Retrospective
January 4 – Snapchat
January 11 – Canceled!
January 18 – Pranks
January 25 – Earliest Internet Memories

About Tyler Regan

Tyler Regan is TikTok star and content creator best known for his "Karen" and "Uber driver" sketches. The Philadelphia native and Cornell University graduate took his first film class in elementary school and was hooked. He won the Audience Award at the Main Line Film Festival while still in high school, and eventually decided to pursue a film career through YouTube. He posted his first YouTube video to his channel on November 17, 2017 and amassed over 230,000 subscribers in a year before transferring his skills to Tiktok, where he writes, directs, films and edits his videos. "Poster Boys" is his first podcast.

About Vurbl

Vurbl is a free streaming audio platform that puts creators first. With Vurbl, creators can launch their own audio stations, upload anything they have to say, find an audience, turn on real-time ads, embed content anywhere on the internet, create playlists of any audio on the platform and promote and construct snippets to go viral. Vurbl makes it easy for listeners to discover and share all types of audio content, and for advertisers to connect with creators. Follow Vurbl on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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