VREX Launches World's First Point Cloud Support for BIM Collaboration in Virtual Reality

OSLO, Norway, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VREX, the leading provider of virtual reality (VR) collaboration software, today announced its release of the world’s first direct Point Cloud support for BIM collaboration in VR.

This update, powered by VREX’s proprietary technology, drives better insight during BIM coordination to avoid rework and design errors. Combining BIM models with point cloud scans makes it easy to perform visual inspections and understand the current status of any construction project.

"One of our core company principles is our commitment to provide virtual collaboration for everyone, from the BIM experts to the worker on the ground, from the project owner to the cleaning crew. We are constantly expanding the number of file types we integrate with and ways to enter virtual reality. With Point Cloud support, it’s easy to understand if there are critical differences due to a mismatch between planned and as-built structures, empowering the best possible decision-making and most efficient construction processes," says Hans Johansen, CEO at VREX.

"We’ve also seen point cloud-driven VR meetings be beneficial for rehab projects of all sizes. Not only does it help project teams better understand the context and proposed solutions, it also makes it easier to collaborate. Clients, installers, or sub-contractors can get instant access to view the design in a medium that everyone understands much more than 2D plans," says Rune Vandli, CPO at VREX.

About VREX: 
VREX is the leading collaboration platform that uses virtual reality to make complex project models easy to understand. The highly scalable and secure SaaS platform serves the largest projects, from design and planning through construction and maintenance. Leading AEC firms use VREX to unlock project insights and enable clear communication between stakeholders — minimizing errors, misunderstandings, and saving time & money across the building process. VREX supports most 3D formats through integrations with Navisworks, BimTrack, Bimsync, and StreamBIM. OpenBIM (IFC), Siemens (JT), and Point Clouds (E57) are supported through direct upload or BIM360.

For more information or to request a demo, visit https://www.vrex.no.

Hans Fredrik Johansen
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