VidaNyx Expands to Serve U.S. Attorneys with Secure Video Evidence Platform; Wins Innovation Award from State of Nebraska

OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VidaNyx, the nation’s leading secure video evidence platform in use by over 18,000 professionals in more than 80,000 criminal cases nationally, announced expansion plans to provide direct service to prosecutors and district attorneys through a customized platform for video evidence.

VidaNyx is currently in use by over 5,000 government and nonprofits agencies to secure, store, manage and review video evidence including forensic interviews protecting over 60,000 children each year. Since 2018, VidaNyx has saved $12 million for agencies involved in child abuse cases and over 57,000 hours in law enforcement time to procure evidence.

VidaNyx’s video platform, equipped with military-grade security, accelerates speed to justice and access to critical evidence for legal and social service organizations nationwide, saving up to 90% of the cost of traditional video evidence processing and supporting up to 67% faster case preparation.

VidaNyx is headquartered in Nebraska, where the Department of Economic Development has awarded the company a prestigious Innovation Grant to develop best in class technology for prosecution and criminal justice professionals to secure video evidence. The highly competitive $100,000 innovation award was given to advance cutting-edge Nebraska businesses’ like VidaNyx success in the global economy.

"Working directly with prosecutors and district attorneys allows us to have even more impact accelerating justice – building on our proven track record in securing digital video evidence while making it easy to use for professionals who depend on it," said Sara Boyd, CEO, VidaNyx, Inc, "While we will continue to be the leading platform to secure video evidence in child abuse cases, we will now serve the broader category of criminal justice."

"Given their expertise working across several disciplines, VidaNyx’s work holds great promise to address an exponentially growing challenge navigating through video evidence generated.  We are happy to champion VidaNyx’s continued success as they extend their technology in new ways," said Anthony Goins, Director of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.

Video continues to play an ever increasing role in all of our lives.  It is rare that any of us encounter situations where video capture is not at play.  VidaNyx technologies protect digital video evidence and facilitate secure sharing, tracking the chain of custody and enabling remote collaboration to serve justice and healing of survivors.

About VidaNyx
VidaNyx (pronounced Vee-DA-Nix) is mission-driven to be the global leader in digital evidence management. Its cloud-based solution was built to control, store, analyze and share forensic videos and other forms of digital evidence to serve the needs of agencies that protect victims and support criminal justice. Trusted by over 5,000 agencies throughout the US, VidaNyx is easy to use, HIPAA Compliant and VOCA approved. Customers include government agencies, nonprofits and social service organizations. VidaNyx was originally created in 2018 to serve the needs of child advocacy centers in the protection of children. Today, VidaNyx services Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services, Prosecution, Children’s Advocacy Centers, Defense, Victim Advocacy, Mental Health and other partners through its secure video evidence software as a service platform. For more information, visit  

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