vFairs Teams Up with Zoom to Enhance its Offering to Support Large Scale Hybrid Virtual Events in 2021

DALLAS, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — vFairs, the leading platform for hybrid and virtual events, today announced they are integrating Zoom into their solution to deliver Zoom webinars and support remote interaction for hybrid events to bring together on-site and virtual attendees. The new Zoom integration for vFairs will help build the vFairs platform into an even more reliable, extensible solution to support the growing number of hybrid events that offer both a physical presence and a virtual access simultaneously.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on trade shows, conferences, and other types of events. Demand has surged for companies that offer a virtual alternative. According to Statistica, as of April 2020, 87% of professional events planned for 2020 had been canceled and 66% had been postponed. However, in just one year, vFairs has grown from 40 to 223 employees and expanded from 14 to 53 countries serving 150 industries.

With this new Zoom integration, vFairs customers will now be able to bring their event to remote users, creating an interactive webinar within the vFairs platform. The new integration will enable remote speakers to address an on-premise audience and broadcast to remote attendees simultaneously, including handling questions from both groups in real-time. With this new hybrid conferencing solution, event organizers can increase the number of attendees to accommodate substantially larger audiences more cost-effectively. Event planners also will be able to take advantage of the vFairs’ visually stunning immersive event platform with 3D graphics and animation, digital content, chat networking and outstanding customer technical support.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that virtual events can be extremely successful, and we anticipate that remote access will be part of conferences and trade shows even after the pandemic subsides,” said Muhammad Younas, CEO of vFairs. “Our integration with Zoom will make it easier to offer virtual event support from a single platform, rather than having to use a different interface to access live broadcast and interact.”

“We are thrilled that vFairs has chosen to offer Zoom as part of their events platform,” said Laura Padilla, Head of Channel and Business Development at Zoom. “At Zoom, we have been focused on extending our platform to our partners and community of developers to help build Zoom into new experiences we could only imagine just a few months ago, and we are excited that vFairs has joined our ISV Program to help them create and scale these new offerings.”

vFairs are experts in creating successful virtual events, having hosted thousands of virtual events and trade conferences, virtual job fairs, exhibitions, networking events, boat and auto shows and more. By integrating Zoom with vFairs, customers get an affordable, scalable conferencing platform that has a global reach. The virtual event solutions also eliminate the space constraints and higher costs of hosting a physical event, provide measurable results, and is environmentally friendly.

About vFairs 

vFairs strives to deliver top-class virtual events for all audiences, with an intuitive platform that recreates physical events through an immersive online experience. With a range of powerful features and dedicated support for users around the world, vFairs removes the hassle from organizing, exhibiting at, and attending events such as conferences, trade shows and career fairs.

Contact the vFairs team to learn more or request a demo to see a virtual event in action or visit www.vfairs.com.

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