VersusGame Announces New Referral Incentive

SAN FRANCISCO, April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VersusGame (VG) announces an innovative way for their users to gain greater monetization through a new referral program. This new initiative gives users 5% of VersusGame’s profits from their referrals’ winnings.

For gaming fans the term earn to play takes on a whole new meaning. Gamers who refer friends are rewarded with 5 percent of their referrals’ winnings. This allows VG fans to receive compensation even while off the app. 

"We’re excited to expand the earning potential to our loyal fan base," says John Vitti, CEO of VersusGame. "Helping content creators, app users and influencers put more money in their pockets will set VersusGame apart from our competitors. These new incentives will drive even more value into the hands of our users."

While many content creators are losing out on funds from the Big Tech giants like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, VG serves its users by providing a timely incentive program to fill the monetary gap.

Many social media platforms have millions of dollars set aside for creators who use their platforms. On the surface it may seem like a good thing, but a recent TechCrunch article presents a different side. In fact, on TikTok as creators create more content, they actually make less money as a result of the growing platform.

The reported $1 Billion dollars that TikTok has set aside for content creator payouts remains static in spite of the platform’s growth – leaving many creators to share one pot of limited funds.

"Big tech companies are continuing to get rich," says Vitti. "It’s unfair they monopolize the market leaving content creators with less opportunity for financial gain. Versus Game wants to ensure our creators get their fair share."

VersusGame is a mobile gaming platform that allows its current players to profit from their knowledge and predictions about pop culture, entertainment, and sports.

Kimberley Brown
PR Director

SOURCE VersusGame