Unknown Brands Getting Millions of Organic Video Views on Social Media by Fresh Content Society

CHICAGO, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To get millions of organic video views on social media is VERY hard to do, even if for well known brand (i.e. Tesla or Wendy’s). Fresh Content Society (www.FreshContentSociety.com) does this over and over again for clients some may never have heard of. Most people have never heard of Manny’s Deli, PEAK Auto, Stern Pinball, or Klein Tools before? Believe it or not, all of these brands have engaged and active social media communities across multiple platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook).

Let’s start with PEAK Auto, an automotive aftermarket car care company who manufactures maintenance fluid, wiper blades, and lighting. This brand is not a brand that most people outside of automotive know about. Consumers might use coolant once a year or once in a car’s lifetime. Fresh Content Society figured out how to tap into the automotive community on social media to build an interactive fan base dubbed the #PEAKSquad. Here’s an example of how we got 2M video views on Instagram Reels for PEAK Auto.

Fresh Content Society’s CEO and Founder, Scott Emalfarb, says "Creating socially relevant content is a skill, just like learning a trade. Blending science and art, you have to understand how to engage your audience and to teach the channel’s algorithm to put your brand’s posts in front of more fans, followers, and subscribers."

This Manny’s Deli TikTok generated 15M Video Views. Manny’s Deli is a one location Chicago restaurant that FCS has built a community across multiple platforms that has earned national media coverage because of our social media posts. FCS also launched Stern Pinball’s TikTok channel a few months ago and FCS produced a TikTok that generated 1M + Video Views. If your brand is looking to ramp up your social media game, contact FCS.

About Fresh Content Society:

Fresh Content Society (FCS) is an award winning social media management company of 10 full-time social media professionals. Since 2014 FCS has been living and breathing the social media space to keep our pulse on what’s in the now and to leverage for our clients success. We are deeply focused on helping businesses increase engagement, impressions, audience size, and ultimately sales.

Website URL: www.FreshContentSociety.com

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