Tru Social Offers A New Solution to the Social Media Crisis

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tru Social is a newly developed social network, in private beta now, designed to help solve the social media crisis. Tru is dedicated to the exchange of factually verifiable information necessary for society to address the serious challenges we now face on Earth. Tru makes the world smarter.

The Social Dilemma exposed how targeted advertising-based social media is destroying reality. Social media algorithms earn revenue by keeping people scrolling, often manipulating their attention with click-bait, propaganda and lies. In addition, social media was not designed to serve the needs of professional communities of practice or real journalism.

Tru replaces algorithms with networks of real social groups, who subscribe to other trusted groups, which filter content for them. Everyone controls their own identity, data, and attention in a clean, safe space without bots, trolls or censorship. The Tru Line™ proves who first posted, published and republished content. This provides the reputation-based platform required for scientific publishing and journalism –needed now by all of society.

“Tru was born out of an aspiration that began 20-years ago at the Planetwork conference in San Francisco. Our focus was global ecology and information technology, but the community realized we needed a global social network, before that was a thing,” said Jim Fournier, CEO of Tru. “Tru is built from the ground up to help people ‘think together’ in new ways and we feel it will help us do just that.”

Two decades of experience have led to five core principles for reality-based, socially mediated content:

Identity, Privacy, Reputation, Provenance and Validation

The Tru Line™ combines these in a digitally signed record for verifying content. The system is not a blockchain, but deploys digital key technology in a simple, elegant and entirely different paradigm. Each individual and organization on Tru, as well as 3rd party verifiers, sign content and build reputation. This approach to content sharing allows connected groups of people to separate credible sources of information from trolls, bad actors or confused people promoting misinformation and propaganda.  

The core premise of Tru is that there can be no single arbiter of “truth”, not the government, nor the media, nor people claiming “conspiracies,” and certainly not the commercial social media platforms. Instead, Tru provides a transparent verification network where all parties can validate content based on their reputation, selectively publish on the internet from Tru, and repost to other social media platforms. Publishing on Tru anchors the author’s copyright and builds their reputation within a network of trust, which in turn provides a foundation for credible information on the internet.

Tru is built on technology patented by the founders in April 2015 that provides digitally signed, human-readable and therefore legally binding, automated data exchange contracts across the Internet –with, or without, any blockchain. It offers a scalable way to comply with “personal data rights” laws –GDPR in the EU, CCPA in California, and all others globally.

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About Tru
Tru is a social media platform for organizations and groups that helps people be more effective together. Digitally signed content and reputation create the verified Tru Line™ that helps re-establish a basis for “truth” online. To find out more visit,

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