Transformer Table Becomes the Most-Watched Product Review on Instagram with 130 million Views

MONTREAL, Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Transformer Table has become the most watched product review on Instagram with over 130 million views! Their modular dining furniture, which features six different length options, are innovative space-savers that can thrive in any space – big or small.

Transformer Table is a modular furniture company based in Canada that makes home furnishings that are more than meets the eye. Last September, Instagram creator Rasha Abdel Reda (@mynameisrasha) posted a seemingly simple video showcasing her expandable dining table & bench, and the internet couldn’t get enough.

Now, this social media sensation alone was viewed by over 130M people and shared worldwide by various other accounts, combining to a roaring 300M views across platforms. To put that into perspective, a Super Bowl commercial typically gets 106M views, and it costs $6.5M for just 30 seconds. On the other hand, the Transformer Table video was shot on an iPhone in Rasha’s dining room, costing virtually nothing to create, and is worth an impressive $14.3M in media value!

Now crowned #1 most viewed product video of all time on the platform, the infamous clip has had a positive ripple effect on Transformer Table since its hike on the charts. Not only have their sales tripled, but they also took the opportunity to expand to over 35 new markets around the world (with free shipping!). With more than 100k new followers in their Instagram community since the overnight success, the aftermath of this viral phenomenon is definitely a case study for the books!

You may wonder – how did such a straightforward video go so viral? The answer lies in the actual furniture piece that was revealed. This company makes furniture like none other – their signature product, the Transformer Table, is a solid wood extendable table that starts off as small as 18″ and can effortlessly extend up to 10 ft long in seconds. It isn’t for nothing that they are one of the fastest-growing furniture companies in the world right now, and this is just another piece of the puzzle to their success story – a story that has been unraveling since 2016. 

The six friends who would start the Transformer Table brand wanted to find a stylish and functional solution for those whose living space is at a premium. When a relative got a new apartment – with little room to lounge or hang out with friends – they decided to pioneer versatile pieces of furniture perfect for any home!

The revolutionary Transformer Table modular furniture then took off as one of the most innovative brands. Transformer Table became one of Canada’s most funded Kickstarter campaigns ever, with thousands of supporters eager to introduce the innovative table into their homes.

Artem Kuzmichev, Chief of Media at Transformer Table: “How we got here is simple – a lot of sleepless nights, trial & error. Determination, hard work and a good team always pays off.”

Since the brand’s founding, Transformer Table has gone above and beyond to provide customers with quality furniture pieces. With some simple maneuvering, this clever piece of furniture can easily double in size to accommodate your needs and turn heads next time you host a party. Last but not least, to mark the occasion, a brand new product is making its grand debut to complete this legendary line of transforming furniture. #EatTogether like space is no issue!

Transformer Table’s Black Friday deals are here! 

Now, prices are better than ever for Black Friday! For a limited time, get a free Transformer Bench with the purchase of the exclusive solid wood extendable dining table. While quantities last, save 25% on a matching Coffee Table, which doubles as a panel storage solution. Visit the Transformer Table website to discover their extraordinary modular furniture.

Transformer Table is a Montreal-based commercial and manufacturing company that focuses on the development, innovation, production and commercialization of smart home products in the furniture and interior design industry.

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