Top Tips from Top Tweeters Jim Harris and Evan Kirstel for CES

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the most influential tech event globally 

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tech is transforming business and society so the most influential tech event in the world, CES, draws a lot of attention. The top two tweeters at CES 2023 – @JimHarris and @EvanKirstel – are teaming up for CES 2024 to advise clients and exhibitors how to maximize their CES global exposure.

In 2020 CES generated 17 billion social media impressions on Twitter reaching 1.4 billion people globally! CES 2024 social reach promises to match 2020 levels. 

CES Top Tips from Top Tweeters

  1. Create Unique, Original Content. Share something that’s never been seen before. In 2023 Jim’s 69 second video about his Uber Tesla driver saving more than $20,000 a year on gas and maintenance generated 2.2 million views:
  2. Compelling Video & Images result in far higher sharing and retweeting. In 2023 Evan’s video about an AI robot that cleans washrooms generated 175,000 views: 
  3. Post Early. CES runs January 9-12. Most firms save their major announcements for the show. But the CES Media Days are on January 7 and 8, where 5,000 international media are covering and posting. The social media impressions for one of these pre-event days has in some years been the greatest for the entire show. Make sure to put out great content during the pre-event Media Days.
  4. Traffic Plummets on Final 2 Days. Don’t save anything for the last day of the show (Jan 12). Social media impressions plummet on the final day and a half of the show. If you’re issuing summary posts, do it every day, starting on the media days. 
  5. AI, AI, AI. Startups seeking venture capital funding that don’t mention AI, Generative AI and ChatGPT are having a tougher time raising capital. Figure out an angle to tie your product or service to this trending technology.
  6. Tie Your Message To The Top Trending Topics. While CES covers 41 different tech categories, Jim and Evan predict that the top trending topics will be:

1.  AI, Generative AI and ChatGPT
2.  Smart Home Technology
3.  HealthTech incl monitoring & diagnostics
4.  Wearables
5.  Internet of Things (IoT)
6.  5G

According to TweetBinder, a leading Twitter analytic tool, @JimHarris created more than $611,000 of earned media value in 2023. Combined with Evan’s account, @EvanKirstel, the pair created more than a million dollars of value tweeting about #CES2023 insights.

In January 2024, it’s anticipated that there will be 130,000 attendees and 3,500 exhibitors from 159 countries and half of the Fortune Global 500 companies will be in attendance. 5,000+ international journalists will be covering CES.
Jim Harris (left) and Evan Kirstel (right) at a tech conference.
Jim focuses on AI, tech, innovation, disruption & digital transformation. He has 250,000+ Twitter followers.
Evan is the leading global tech live streamer & B2B marketing thought leader with 350,000+ X followers. 

Media that would like interviews, insight, and analysis on these or other tech topics that will be covered at CES in Las Vegas in January 2024, contact:

Jim (416) 388-3432,
Evan (978) 761-1524,
Irma (339) 927-0446, who focuses on healthcare & works with Evan

Tech companies and exhibitors that want more global social media exposure at the most influential tech event in the world can contact Jim, Evan or Irma.

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