This $1 Question And Answer Website Will Pay You For Every Question And Popular Answer You Post On Their Website

DUBAI, UAE, May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Would you consider earning $100+ (one hundred dollars) by simply investing $1 (One dollar) to submit an answer to any question posted by an anonymous person? This happens to be the case with the new question-and-answer website,

“ is quite an experiment; we plan to explore the possibility of creating a self-sustained social media platform that will provide real monetary value to its users. 

Millions of people spend hours posting comments, liking, and sharing content on social media every day; this number contributes to the global statistics of more than 639 million poor people in the world today. 

Our idea with is to provide a platform that will engage users to share content in questions and answers instead of traditional comments. While we distribute the revenue, we generate among the users involved in the conversation, ultimately creating wealth.

This is the experiment we are currently performing with,” says Joseph Ryan, the Technical Director and lead developer of launched on 1st May 2021, and surprisingly as of today 2nd, May 2021 has already garnered about 500 active users.

Users should note that is not the pioneer in question-and-answer service-based websites; trails behind industry-leading and heavily funded platforms such as,, and a host of others.

Niftycrack differentiates itself by claiming that it would pay back $0.20 per answer a question gets to the original poster of the question. While it will pay $0.30 multiplied by all the answers, a question gets to the top voted answer.

On its FAQ’s page, the website states that asking people to pay to post an answer can be compared to asking them to stake a 1 dollar bet that their answer would be voted top best among all answers a question gets.

According to Inna Ilyushenko, the company Vice President of Marketing and Sales, “We are confident that our idea will catch on. Therefore, we are very focused on building a very stable business out of asking and answering questions, of which the real beneficiaries will be the everyday users.”

To learn more about Nifty Crack or join in the new attempt to compensate social media users with real cash, you can head over to:

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