Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Version 6.5

Cybele Software releases a revolutionary update to its already powerful Thinfinity® Remote Workspace

WILMINGTON, Del., Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cybele Software, Inc. is thrilled to announce a major upgrade of its Thinfinity Remote Workspace platform. The product is designed for large to small IT departments that want to provide their organizations with a simple, flexible, and secure means to remotely access resources such as enterprise applications, desktops, and files. And all this is done without the need for complicated VPN clients. This clientless approach is key to implementing a zero-trust security model by isolating your organization’s resources from end-user device vulnerabilities.

The updated Thinfinity Remote Workspace platform is not limited to providing an easy avenue for facilitating remote and hybrid working environments; other compelling use cases for this product include providing training or virtual classroom portals, third-party risk management, and even providing software trial as a service.

With this latest release, Cybele Software listened to the needs of the market and their customers to improve upon its already powerful product. The new release of Thinfinity Remote Workspace includes improvements that put it in the forefront of the industry. These include the VDI Manager, Resource Scheduling, and multi-monitor support.

The VDI Manager module allows for the efficient use of resources to reduce operating costs. This is achieved by automating VMs to turn on or off as needed to provide access to a resource. VMs no longer need to be always on, nor do they need to be brought up from the stop state or brought back down manually. Even the creation of VMs can be automated through the use of templates. This frees your staff from repetitive tasks and allows for better use of organizational resources.

The Resource Reservation module provides a means to manage virtual classrooms, training, and demos—allowing organizers to book resources for a specific time slot and frequency and for specific users. The Resource Reservation module also includes a UI to allow end users to easily schedule their own time slot for using one or more resources.

Multi-monitor support is now included in this newest release, allowing users to extend their desktops without the need to install any additional software on their devices. Many people are accustomed to using more than one monitor to perform their work tasks. So in today’s world, being able to provide your users with this important feature is becoming essential to both promote efficiency and meet their expectations.

“Companies are always looking to reduce costs, increase revenue, and have a greater ROI as well as improved security. This new release of our Thinfinity Remote Workspace platform will help them achieve those goals. We are introducing time-based access policies for an extra layer of security, a VDI Manager to automate VM tasks, and multi-monitor support for greater productivity. We do all this while keeping simplicity, flexibility, and security in mind. That is why I believe we are leaders in the marketplace.”—says Gustavo Ricardi, Founder and CEO of Cybele Software.

Since organizational needs vary and the platform is so versatile, Cybele Software is always there to provide answers and solutions that meet each client’s requirements.

Now with version 6.5 of Thinfinity Remote Workspace you can reduce costs, improve security, and better manage organizational resources via the VDI Manager and Resource Reservation modules. The addition of multi-monitor support can also increase productivity and client satisfaction. These improvements, as well as the many features already included in the product, can be explored further by visiting

Or contact Cybele Software to schedule a call with a specialist to discuss your needs.

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