There’s a Patch for That: Vicarius Launches macOS Patching Capability

NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Eleven years ago, Apple debuted its catchy slogan, "there’s an app for that." And now, Vicarius, the Israeli-led startup determined to shake up the vulnerability remediation market, is set to debut their new macOS patching capability.

Vicarius developers and engineers built a patching system specifically designed to alleviate the vulnerability management problems Apple users face today. Currently, there is no company that offers the full spectrum of macOS patching capabilities that Vicarius has developed. The company now supports over 2.9K app patches, all versions of macOS, and also the new M1 Apple Silicon processors.

This is poised to make a large impact in an industry traditionally dominated by Windows attacks. But with ransomware attacks targeting mac users on the rise, it comes at an important time for organizations looking to protect their assets.

"Historically, Windows has been the primary target for cybercriminals. However, in 2020, we saw a massive surge—over 1000%—in the development of macOS malware. While this pales in comparison to Windows malware samples, it suggests that attackers are willing to explore any available target profile, particularly people working from home accessing corporate resources from laptops. As a response, we’ve seen a parallel rise in demand from our customers to protect Mac assets, especially in the United States," said Roi Cohen, CRO, Vicarius.

The shift to working from home is no doubt a contributing factor to the rise in Mac attacks. Employees may be using Mac laptops to access corporate resources from home. With the shift also comes new measures that need to be taken to protect employees, company data, and organization assets. Security professionals have needed to adapt quickly to the newfound attack surface and put proper safety protocols in place.

"More and more companies and organizations are migrating to Mac. We see this as a critical step to stay ahead of the curve and serve our customers in response to changing consumer behavior. We are very proud to develop this capability in-house and help security teams improve their cyber hygiene," said Yossi Zeevi, CTO, Vicarius.

Managing and implementing periodic updates will be much easier for Apple users now that Vicarius offers full patching support. More information is available at


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