The Rise, Fall, and Rise of the Social Network

MIAMI, Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the sequential truths emerging of the harmful potency of Facebook & Instagram’s manipulative algorithms; favoring content that’ll provoke rapid re-engagement, addictive behaviors, and negative self-awareness, Big Social is increasingly in the spotlight and losing credibility. The recent truths underlined by Facebook whistle blower Frances Haugen’s recent testimony on Capitol Hill reaffirm speculations that data scientists have been screaming for years … Big Social’s human-designed, machine-led algorithms harmfully entrap users to utilize these once thought as a community fostering tool. Behavioral scientists not only echo these sentiments, but they are also beginning to see a shift in how the younger generation behaves within, upon, and outside of these tools: they’re migrating away from them.

Meet QluMe – a community of people who just want to enjoy life, meet new friends, hang out, and have fun. QluMe was designed to allow you to choose what you want to do and then allow you to find the right group of friends to do it with. With Big Social in the hot seat and Facebook users dropping like flies, those exiting these traditional social networks are seeking digital environments that are private, relationship-based, human-operated, and safe … like QluMe!

You may have yet to hear of QluMe, after all this human-led social network is 100% by invitation only; friends inviting friends to stay in touch. On QluMe, users discover similar connections with an initial image, common Qlus, nearest city, and a swipe. Similar to many relationship apps, QluMe uses a filter search option to presenting potential connections in a swipe-right, swipe-left manner. Different from all other platforms, QluMe’s user experience is designed to create sincere bonds. Upon registration, users are to answer QluMe’s initial "21 Questions" so they can match exact interests and backgrounds to help discover new connections, and join groups. These relatively simple qualifications allow users to find people with shared interests worldwide; fostering friendships, romances, business connections, or simply meeting your neighbors. QluMe is an ideal social network for public figures to be able to authentically interact with others in a private manner; not bolstering content to non-connected users, preserving any shared information exclusively with your friendslist. Your friend list determines what users see, not an algorithm like Facebook and Instagram. QluMe states,

"Your information is encrypted and will not be used for anything else other than for finding similar people and to join groups."

Beyond purely encrypting data and not sharing your personal data beyond the walled code of the network, QluMe offers a responsive ghosting feature that allows you to report spam accounts and malcontent users. QluMe’s goal is sincerely to be the most user-friendly and secure social network out there.

A unique feature worth mentioning is what QluMe calls Objective; a profile setting users can change all the time, sharable with users’ private contacts and public groups. The Objective is activity-driven and questions their trusted network or the entire network, similar to how "status updates" and "buddy list banner messages" were purposed in vintage social networks. Questions like,

"Who is at Art Basel Miami this week – Who wants to grab a coffee in Silver Lake – Who wants to hit the Broadway theatres now that they’re reopened?"

By tapping the public Objective, users can even communicate with people they are not friends with and ask them to connect directly (similar to how Facebook permits status updates to be shared – minus the algorithmic manipulation).

From strangers to lasting friendship, QluMe’s original, current, and forever Prime Directive is to foster a digital environment that emulates true human behavior, interaction, and communication. Creating a virtual landscape mirroring how we used to make friends at the mall, at college, or at conference meetups. This invite-only platform believes the user should have the right to foster their own communal reality and believes having users control who joins aligns with its core privacy principles.

However, with a mass exodus of users departing Big Social in droves and an enormous digital community disparity emerging, QluMe announced today they will be "opening up our social network for all interested parties to join." QluMe Founder and President, James DeCecco states,

"We are opening up our network to offer a secure and private space for Facebook and Instagram users sick of how their data, behavior, and souls are being controlled by machine-led algorithms designed specifically to keep them using … like a drug."

QluMe has yet to announce how long its doors will be open for non-referred public download before they return to their effective invite-only model. QluMe calls all for people who don’t seek validation by engagement metrics, who simply care about quality connections and want to build real, lasting friendships with whom to do in-person activities together.

Privacy and security are at the forefront. QluMe will not sell your data or monitor your behavior. QluMe reviews all accounts creates a secure community and will only match you with others by common Qlus and share Objectives.

Learn all about the social network that’s bringing users back to the simple times when vintage social inspired real-time connections, human-led timelines, and protected all users’ data like a pinky promise lock and key.

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