The Real-World Social Metaverse is Here; Meet Flyy

WILMINGTON, Del., March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The face of the Social Network scene is about to change forever. With several Metaverse announcements lately, you would think it’s going to take few years until someone delivers on the social promise. Not any longer. Phly Inc. (a Delaware company with offices in New York city) has launched FLYY; a full Social Metaverse that delivers NOW on the social promise across cities and towns in North America and Europe. Flyy models Real Cities in an interactive 3D virtual World that engages users – at any place – with friends, communities and businesses around. Not only is it designed to bring back the social aspect of a community, but it makes connecting with others more meaningful and fun.

Flyy is an immersive social platform that makes discovering social buzz and interesting places around you effortless. It brings context to our surroundings by showcasing events and information on its real metaverse world, so users can interact at various places across the world, in a futuristic approach and exciting way.

Flyy’s goal is to connect people with friends and others in their communities and help them discover more about their city. Ever been unsure of where to go to? Well fear not, this new 3D app has you covered. Not only can you browse the map and see what’s going on, but you can see what is popular with pins of buzzing locations and see what others have to say about it.

You can check in wherever you are and leave a lasting impression of your journey, all while staying connected with your friends. The recent update from Flyy makes sure that you are not only a part of the digital wave but explore and dive deep into your own city, discovering a world of opportunities with every tap.

They are currently running a giveaway contest. Get your chance to WIN a PlayStation 5 or $200 Visa gift card by downloading their FREE mobile app and post your favorite pic or video of the place you like the most to enter the contest. The post with most likes wins! Will you be the lucky winner?

Flyy is available on both iOS and Android.

Become a Flyyer today and unlock endless possibilities.

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You can download the Flyy app on the Google Play or App Store or head on over to or follow us on all social media platforms  

And because Flyy is new, you get to secure your unique username today before someone else reserves it!

About Flyy

Flyy app is a startup founded by like-minded tech entrepreneurs that have a combined experience of over 60 years in mobile app development and marketing. The company is based in New York City.

Media Contact:
Adel AlMassarani

Phly, Inc.