The Media Trust Powers Adobe DSP’s Commitment to Safe Consumer Ad Experiences

MCLEAN, Va., Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Media Trust, global leader in quantifying and managing digital risk, is proud to announce an integrated partnership with Adobe Advertising Cloud, one of the largest demand-side platforms (DSPs) in the digital advertising space. The Media Trust’s Holistic Ad Quality suite of products ensures Advertising Cloud deters malicious code outbreaks, remediates technical hurdles, and identifies challenges with delicate subject matter in creative so the premium DSP can guarantee safe ad experiences for consumers.

Through The Media Trust’s continuous malware scanning on all advertising passing through the platform, Advertising Cloud has been able to greatly decrease the amount of security threats trying to abuse its platform to deliver malicious code to consumers. By leveraging client-side scanning via a wide range of device profiles (e.g., desktop PCs and Macs with all major browsers, iOS and Android devices), The Media Trust is able to identify heavily obfuscated malware that can slip through platform audits. This has greatly aided Advertising Cloud in avoiding major malvertising attacks, including an outbreak of mobile-focused Ghostcat-3PC in March 2021.

The Media Trust’s malware scanning goes beyond simple creative analysis to inspect advertising landing pages for malicious code, which was critical in identifying corrupted pages from Advertising Cloud’s legitimate advertising partners. The DSP was able to quickly notify advertisers and help remediate these issues, demonstrating its dedication to ensuring client success.

Advertising Cloud also makes great use of The Media Trust’s homegrown Ad Categorization system, which leverages AI to evaluate creative at scale against more than 30 categories of sensitive subject matter, including Alcohol, Coronavirus, Gambling, Marijuana, Pharmaceuticals, Political, and more. AI results are verified by analysts at The Media Trust before being shared with Advertising Cloud, which can review and decide within the Ad Categorization platform whether to accept, reject, send for further review, or resolve with advertisers.

This has been vital in building policies around sensitive ad content and meeting the acceptable creative policies of downstream partners, including SSPs and publishers. The ability to easily adjust tolerance thresholds and quickly modify policies has proven particularly useful during the coronavirus pandemic, as Covid-related advertising has changed from price-gouging on protective equipment and products with fraudulent claims to a high percentage of public service announcements regarding vaccine and testing access.

"Adobe Advertising Cloud’s commitment to protecting consumers from malicious and otherwise harmful advertising is commendable, and The Media Trust is honored to aid in this noble crusade," said Chris Olson, CEO of The Media Trust. "Delivering high-quality and safe ad experiences to consumers starts at the top, with DSPs properly scrutinizing the massive amounts of creative flowing through their platforms. The right partner can assess security and ad content concerns at scale, helping stem the ever-rising tide of malvertising and generally making the internet better for all."

The Adobe Advertising Cloud case study is available for download. To learn more about the Holistic Ad Quality suite, visit

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