The Liberation of Technology Will Create New Freedom in Tech; Liberation Technology Services is Pioneering Free Speech CSP Solutions

Developed by freedom-first technology experts and entrepreneurs, Liberation Technology Services (LTS), is a full-scale provider of tech infrastructure and independent digital solutions. LTS vows to never censor, de-platform or sell the private data of their clients to third parties. LTS prides itself on un-compromised private cloud hosting, productivity / analytics tools, and web/app development solutions that are complemented by sure privacy and cyber security.

TAMPA, Fla., Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Liberation Technology Services equals freedom for businesses and organizations looking to liberate their online platforms and gain their power back with true ownership of their data online and a censorship-free guarantee.

With the recent confirmation of Big Tech censorship and cover-ups via the infamous social media files leaked in 2022 the reality of unconstitutional censorship, unfair deplatforming, and incredulous selling of client’s data to third parties is no longer a conspiracy.

For several years there’s been a trepidation that has spanned across multiple industries, “Could we be next? Could years of building an online platform be cancelled or censored by woke culture and Big Tech in a matter of minutes?” The answer to those questions, unfortunately, is a resounding yes.

However, today decision makers are realizing that there are alternatives to big tech cloud service providers and alternatives like Liberation Technology Services who will protect their likeness, presence and data online.

Liberation’s freedom-first technology approach is taking the space by storm with their cloud services, affordable hosting packages, web/app development and unique HUB solutions. Their HUB is a private platform that unifies your email, calendar, ability to host audio/video web conferencing, in addition to storing and sharing documents across teams in the cloud. HUB replaces the traditional fragmented admin and business processes online and brings everything under one roof with one log in.

With the same passion and zealous defense that their clients have for the scale, and the safety of their businesses and organizations online, LTS boasts offerings that promote the re-evaluation of today’s industry liabilities, “We’ve said it before, freedom online isn’t “free.” Plenty of businesses and organizations don’t realize that many cloud service providers are compromised by woke cancel culture, and all the while their data is also being sold to third parties. At LTS we help build our client’s vision and assist in the migration of their online solutions and services so that they are postured, protected and functioning with peace of mind today and for the future generations of their companies and organizations.” Former White House Official and Founder of Liberation Technology Services Andrew Riddaugh states.

The facts still remain the facts, the fundamentals of businesses and organizations constitutional right to the freedom of speech and remaining online with no threat reprimands, especially if they are not participating in criminal activity should not be the major concern that it is today. You don’t have to be a criminal to get cancelled, you just might have something to say.

Liberation Technology Services protects their client’s voice online, standing behind freedom of speech, the constitution, and never selling the data of their clients to any third party, for any reason, at any time.

This full-scale provider of tech infrastructure provides the best and most secure in class independent digital solutions understanding that privacy, security, online sovereignty, as well as a censorship-free guarantee, are imperative to the future of the industry and industries at large.

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About Liberation Technology Services

Liberation Technology Services (LTS) is a full-scale provider of tech infrastructure and independent digital solutions. Liberation Technology Services advances businesses, and organizations of all sizes with private cloud hosting, web/app development solutions and a multi-layered “Iron Dome” cyber-defense system supported by zero-knowledge private data centers located throughout the United States. Liberation Technology Services proudly offers un-compromised privacy and cyber security, and a censorship free guarantee, preserving the freedom and security of businesses, and organization’s data and likeness online.

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