The International Conference on Education and Training Evaluation Will Be Held Virtually in October 2020

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Education and Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC), in partnership with the G20 Saudi Secretariat, is organizing the “International Conference on Education and Training Evaluation: Improving Learning Outcomes and Supporting Economic Growth,” which will be held virtually on October 14-15, 2020, under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Alessa, Chairman of the ETEC Board of Directors. The two-day conference will include keynote speeches and thematic sessions. The conference will be preceded by 21 specialized professional development workshops, conducted over 4 days. More than 50 local, regional, and international pioneering experts, specialists, and academics will present in the conference and workshops. This conference will take place as part of the G20 International Conferences Program honoring the G20 Saudi Presidency Year, 2020.

His Excellency Dr. Husam Zaman, ETEC President, stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed a new reality on all education and training institutions, pushing them to react differently and tackle new challenges at local and international levels alike. H.E. Dr. Zaman stated that “The linkage to the G20 Summit is certainly to add value and significance to the conference. It is an indication that education and training are important pillars for economic development in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.”

The ETEC has collaborated with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to plan for the conference program. It covers important themes such as implementing school performance inspection and evaluation, evaluating and accrediting technical and vocational education and training programs, evaluating higher education learning outcomes, and utilizing the data collected by the aforementioned processes for reporting and further research.

A number of influential international experts and specialists will be presenting at the conference, including representatives from: the OECD, The World Bank, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), UNESCO, the New Zealand Ministry of Education, the Scottish Education Department and evaluation authority, the evaluation authority in the Netherlands, Stanford University in the US, the University of Porto in Portugal, and Zayed University in the UAE, as well as experts from relevant ministries and authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The conference will be preceded by 21 professional development workshops on evaluation and assessment tools, standards, and advanced data analysis, to be presented by local and international specialists through ETEC-affiliated centers and directorates like The National Center for Assessment (Qiyas), The National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation (NCAAA), The National Center for School Evaluation and Excellence (NCSEE), The National Center for Training Evaluation and Accreditation (MASAR) and The ETEC General Directorate of Research and Innovation

It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia leads the G20 this year under the theme of “Realizing Opportunities of the 21st Century for All,” as the G20 will focus on three major aims: empowering people, safeguarding the planet and shaping new frontiers in which international cooperation is vital to face ongoing and emerging challenges.   

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