The Import of a Feedback Loop in Business and Entertainment: Gamiotics Shares Best Practices in an Evolving World

NEW YORK, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At the conclusion of a record-breaking success of Off-Broadway juggernaut, The Twenty-Sided Tavern in NYC, Gamiotics founder and CEO, David Carpenter shares the importance of a feedback loop in all aspects of life, business, entertainment and innovation.

"Feedback loops influence our behavior in life and application in business," he says. "They are fairly simple to understand and whether you know it or not, the constant cycle of monitoring and improvement is taking place all the time. You produce something or create a process, measure information on what you produced and use that information to improve. It’s a constant cycle that is best used when fully realized."  

Carpenter is not only referring to the feedback loop that is a foundational element of his newest production, powered by Gamiotics, where the audience literally chooses the direction of the storyline and characters using their personal devices, but also the use of feedback tools to evaluate the experience and easy of the technology after the show is over. "If we aren’t measuring the data and anecdotal evidence on the application of our technology, how can it ever improve?" he says.

One standout tool that has become common across most verticals is the use of surveys. Historically, people have always wanted their voices to be heard with the systematic observation of cause, effect and produced change. Now, we have the ability and tools to employ well-designed surveys to measure satisfaction, engagement, needs, and concerns.

"Gamiotics has allowed us to deliver survey results the moment the event is over. We don’t have to wait days for post event marketing emails that may get a 5% response rate. We can, in real time, ask and receive important information while it is fresh in the consumers’ minds. We’ve also seen participation rates as high as 80%. It’s a powerful new way to get the most accurate information as possible from your consumer," says Carpenter.

For instance, for audiences of The Twenty-Sided Tavern, we defined the purpose of the survey, made every question count, kept it short and simple, asked direct questions one question at a time, avoided leading and biased questions, and spoke the respondent’s language. We quantified the insights and will be applying that to the next production, premiering in Philadelphia in April.  

"When we ask questions, we appreciate honesty above all. One question on the 10-question survey was ‘Is there anything about the experience you would change?’ We got 234 different answers that have each been part of our show development and consideration moving forward. That is what we call a successful feedback loop," he concluded.

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