The Culture of Giving: AdTech Holding Takes Part in 4th Limassol Blood Donation

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Nov. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On the 7th and 8th of November, the AdTech Holding team marked their dedication to corporate and social responsibility by taking part in the 4th Limassol Blood Donation Event.

With an aim to actively participate in initiatives that bring tangible change, AdTech Holding employees find ways to foster a culture of support for charitable endeavors, promoting community well-being.

In general, all the enthusiastic event participants contributed a substantial 30 liters of blood, showcasing collective responsibility and dedication to life-saving initiatives. This act of benevolence extends support to the Cyprus Ministry of Health Blood Bank, affirming the team’s genuine care for the community.

Impressions of AdTech Holding’s volunteers

Volunteering for the event, employees affirmed AdTech Holding’s reputation as a socially responsible entity.

Alex Vasekin, the company’s CEO, emphasizes, “At AdTech Holding, we set the standard, reflecting our dedication to social responsibility and community well-being. I am exceptionally proud of our team for showcasing their commitment to making a difference.”

Elena Dolya, Chief Administrative Officer, echoes this pride, stating, “Witnessing our employees unite for a crucial cause is genuinely inspiring, reinforcing our faith in the power of community and collective impact.”

Chief Marketing Officer Arnis Augstmanis expresses gratitude for participating in the blood donation drive, “We are thankful to Royal Pine for an opportunity to take part in this life-saving initiative. It’s important to help those in critical need, and it’s more than just a corporate event; but also our expression of support for the community we live in. We encourage others to join and contribute to a healthier future for everyone.”

AdTech Holding looks forward to continuing participation in community initiatives, fostering a culture of generosity, and leaving a lasting positive impact.

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Mari Yash


SOURCE AdTech Holding