Tasker Payment Gateways LLC Releases their 2021 Guide to Selling High-Risk Products on Squarespace

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine, Feb. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Updated for 2021, Tasker Payment Gateways LLC’s Guide to Selling High-Risk Products on Squarespace is free to read and accessible to anyone. The company’s president, Matt Tasker, says that the Squarespace guide is more than just a way to attract website traffic. “There have been so many times that I’ve spoken to new and established Squarespace website owners who mention that they have turned to Tasker Payment Gateways LLC’s Squarespace high-risk guide to answer their questions. Of course, we hope that people will contact us for a high-risk payment gateway or merchant account recommendation, but I also find it encouraging when a site owner or their web developer is able to use their existing Squarespace website instead of having to spend resources building a new site on a different platform.”

Squarespace is a great site-building option for online sellers, with its user-friendly features and tools to easily customize an e-commerce website. However, the major payment integrations such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square will not work with high-risk products. For those who sell regulated products online, such as smoking pipes and glassware, an alternative payment gateway becomes necessary, and that is where the Tasker Payment Gateways LLC’s Guide to Selling High-Risk Products on Squarespace proves most useful.

The Squarespace guide is intended for high-risk site owners, developers, and internet marketing managers who use Squarespace. It offers answers to merchant account and shopping cart integration questions that are specifically catered to business owners who are using Squarespace to sell high-risk products, such as premium cigars, CBD, grinders, bongs, and other smoking accessories. Some topics include: how to sell high-risk products using Authorize.Net or NMI, how to integrate third-party payment gateway code to Squarespace, and other Squarespace high-risk payment gateway integration details.

According to Matt Tasker, the guide has been most helpful to new online sellers and their developers. “Business owners who have built a website on Squarespace want to know that they’ll be able to find an alternative payment gateway that will support regulated products, so we provide details about some of the best options available.”

Tasker Payment Gateways LLC says that the most appreciated area of their Squarespace-focused guide delves into little-known high-risk payment integration tips, focusing on Foxy.io, NMI, and others. This saves site developers time and frustration when it comes to integrating their Squarespace site with a high-risk payment gateway and merchant account that allows regulated products such as water pipes, CBD, and other smoke-shop items.

“We hear a lot of valuable feedback from new business owners who have built a site on Squarespace, but then find that their site builder’s out-of-the-box payment processor does not integrate with a high-risk payment gateway. That’s where our guide is most useful,” Matt Tasker explains. “Our guide provides specific information for high-risk site owners. We pride ourselves on knowing what we do for a living, and there are situations where our nearly twenty years of experience in the high-risk-payment-gateway business cannot be replicated, including our vast experience helping online businesses like smoke shops accept credit cards. We provide detailed information about how to set up an alternative cart, a high-risk friendly payment processor, and integrate Authorize.Net or NMI while still using Squarespace. We know which payment gateways and merchant account providers allow Squarespace site owners to sell pipes, glass, grinders, bongs, CBD, premium cigars, and even tactical items. It takes many years of ‘doing it for a living’ to build a resource like this.”

This Squarespace high-risk payment integration information is a valuable support for high-risk-business owners who need to know what their payment gateway alternatives are when major processors like PayPal, Stripe, and Square are not viable options. For online-business owners who are either brand new to selling high-risk items or established businesses in need of a payment integration that is high-risk-friendly, Tasker Payment Gateways LLC’s Squarespace guide provides specific information with detailed steps to integrate a Squarespace website with a high-risk-friendly payment gateway, allowing high-risk business owners to safely accept credit cards online.

You can read Tasker Payment Gateways LLC’s updated 2021 guide to selling high-risk products on Squarespace, for free, by visiting https://taskerpaymentgateways.com/sell-high-risk-products-payment-gateway-squarespace/.

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