Syntonics Awarded Command Post Antenna Remoting System (CARS) Phase II-Enhanced Prototype Development (SBIR)

COLUMBIA, Md., Feb. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Syntonics LLC, based in Columbia, Md., announces the award of a Phase II enhancement to its Command Post Antenna Remoting System (CARS) SBIR prototype development effort for $436 thousand.

The CARS Phase II effort prototypes effort and demonstrates a Command Post Antenna Remoting System (CARS) that can remote antennas for up to six combat net radios, plus modern Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) radios, moving radio frequency emissions far away from command posts. Each antenna remoting link uses external power amplifiers at the antenna site, reducing size-weight-power-cost (SWaP-C) by utilizing standard power amplifiers that are already purchased by the Army in large quantities and sustained by its logistics system. Each radio connects to CARS with an RF and C2 interface cable.

The Phase II-Enhancement effort integrates an antenna-site trailer that transports and rapidly deploys all necessary antenna-site equipment, including the CARS electronics and antennas.

"This is a natural progression of our FORAX-HARC radio range extension products. CARS eliminates the RF signature of modern agile, mobile command posts, enhancing their survivability and improving their mission command effectiveness. We look forward to our continued cooperation with the US Army," President, Bruce Montgomery.

"CARS is regarded as a significant step forward in the expansion of our core RF over Fiber (FORAX) product line and is expected to bring significant growth for Syntonics," VP Business Development, Joel Villa.

Syntonics LLC, is a leading developer of system level RF solutions for mission-critical communications, hostile fire detection and data exfiltration. 

Ironwave Technologies LLC invests in a variety of RF and microwave technologies. It has several current investments in the space and is actively pursuing additional acquisitions.

Mu-Del Electronics LLC,, designs and manufactures radio frequency and microwave sub-systems and components for national defense purposes including intelligence collection, telemetry, radar signal processing and communication in airborne, ground based and naval platforms.

American Microwave Corporation,, is a leader in the design and manufacturing of DC to 60GHZ solid state control components and subsystems for the communication and EW community.

Luff Research,, designs and manufactures high performance, high reliability state-of-the-art RF/Microwave frequency synthesizers and phase-locked oscillators.

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Joel Villa, Vice President, Business Development

SOURCE Syntonics LLC