SureDone Extends Facebook Partnership with “Checkout on Instagram” for Merchants

NEW YORK, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SureDone announced today that they have extended their partnership with Facebook, which currently includes support for Instagram Shops, Facebook Shops and Facebook Marketplace, to now incorporate “Checkout on Instagram”. SureDone now provides full catalog management, listing, inventory sync and order management integration with all current Facebook and Instagram commerce offerings. SureDone is a leading multichannel e-commerce software platform that makes it easy for growing e-commerce businesses, brands, and enterprises to manage their products and sales across online marketplaces and storefronts.

Over the past several months, Facebook estimates that over 85% of people worldwide are now shopping online. Answering the call of global businesses, Facebook has launched several new seller friendly platforms focused on surfacing the products consumers are asking for, and has integrated these platforms into both their mobile and their desktop interfaces making it simple for buyers to quickly find and buy what they need. Facebook Shops is now generally available to online merchants and complements both Instagram Shops and Facebook Marketplace in providing tools for listing products, checkout and orders, along with advertising and promotional tools.

SureDone’s comprehensive integration with Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops, along with Facebook Marketplace, provides all of the features growing and established sellers seek in order to integrate these platforms into their existing multichannel strategies, allowing for catalog management, product listing, inventory sync and order management across multiple marketplaces and storefronts including eBay, Amazon, Walmart and Shopify and now Facebook and Instagram.

“We’re excited to enable social commerce for eligible US sellers, and soon sellers across the world, with SureDone’s integration to Instagram Checkout,” said Jason Nadaf, Founder and CEO of SureDone. “The addition of full support for Facebook Shops, Instagram Checkout and Facebook Marketplace opens up a massive opportunity for online merchants.”

Unlike other multichannel platforms, SureDone’s integrated e-commerce website and shopping cart also provides the flexibility for transactions to be completed through a seller’s own webstore, giving the seller the opportunity to cross sell and upsell during transaction completion. Or sellers may choose to use the integrated checkout capabilities of Facebook and Instagram and leverage the waived selling fees available through the end of 2020 for completed and shipped orders.

“The addition of the Facebook and Instagram integrations into SureDone are a pillar of SureDone’s upcoming strategy to radically change the multichannel e-commerce landscape for small and growing businesses,” said Chris Labatt-Simon, COO/CFO of SureDone. “In the next week you’ll see an announcement that will help even the smallest e-commerce seller compete in this rapidly changing market.”

Facebook and Instagram connections are available today, at no additional cost, to all sellers using the SureDone platform.

About SureDone

SureDone provides growing businesses, brands, and enterprises global multichannel listing, inventory and order management with built in connections to marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Google, Facebook and Instagram, along with storefronts like Shopify and BigCommerce. It also includes a flexible automation engine supporting the import and export of data in almost any format, and a comprehensive open API to extend the platform. While supporting all categories, SureDone also has an extensive feature set to support the automotive and motorsports parts and accessories vertical.

Together, these capabilities automate normally expensive and time consuming tasks while allowing for rich integrations with other applications. SureDone is also a participant on the eBay Developer Council and the Amazon Developer Council. On the web: or contact us at

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Chris Labatt-Simon

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