“Startup Supercup” to Unite Angel Investors, Investment Funds and Startup Founders in French Tech Ecosystem

SARLAT-LA-CANEDA, France, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — UNIQORN Incubator, one of France’s largest rural incubators today announced that it is organizing the first edition of the Startup Supercup over the weekend of October 1, 2 and 3, 2021.

To be held in Sarlat, the capital of France’s idyllic Périgord noir, the Startup Supercup aims to bring together the entire startup ecosystem: investment-worthy startups and their founders, angel investors and business angels, private equity funds and VCs, industry executives, as well as the tech and startup media. The town of Sarlat is also part of the highly incentivized French Tech ecosystem.

Several of the world’s foremost investment institutions and venture capital firms will be present at the inaugural event, which will be held both physically (on location) as well as online.

The Startup Supercup will attract a highly vetted and curated list of over 1,000 senior attendees: investors, startup founders, journalists and tech pundits from around the globe specializing in fields like fintech, gaming, robotics, SaaS, digital media, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and more.

The event will offer three days of exceptional networking opportunities with the tech and startup investment elite. Schedules, speakers, sponsors and registration options to be announced soon. Pre-register today at http://startupsupercup.com/

Why attend:
The Startup Supercup is the only event of its kind in France. Over the course of a three-day weekend, it brings together a group of highly-vetted industry professionals intent to make deep and meaningful business and financing connections in the startup ecosystem. More than $30 billion in combined investment power will be represented at the 2021 inagural edition, which will feature 100+ presenting startups from around the world.

”In a world in which both investors and startup founders increasingly shy away from large metropolitan areas, we believe we offer a tangible and concrete alternative,” said Dom Einhorn, founder and CEO of the UNIQORN Incubator-Accelerator. ”Why not live and work in a region where your commute to and from work takes a couple of minutes and that is surrounded by pristine rivers and 1000 castles? That may not have been a realistic thought 10 years ago, but it is today.”

About Startup Supercup
The Startup Supercup is a leading tech conference that unites 1000 carefully vetted angel investors, VCs, private equity funds, technology startups and leading media outlets from around the world. The three-day conference takes place in medieval Sarlat France, the capital of the idyllic Périgord noir and central hub of the French tech ecosystem in the Dordogne Valley.


UNIQORN is the largest rural incubator-accelerator of its kind in the world. Located in southwestern France (Sarlat-la-Canéda), its mission is to give entrepreneurs and their families their lives back while helping them buildgame-changing technology startups. Startups are provided with a complete ecosystem for success, with direct access to proven funding sources, top-notch legal and accounting representation, access to the world’s most generous business incentives and, most importantly, a dedicated sales and marketing accelerator that will put a startup’s product or service on the fast track to success.

Press contact: Dom Einhorn

Phone number: +33(0)637047412

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