Social Network Startup Gains Over 4,500 New Users in First Month by Posing as Organizers

NEW YORK, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Andplan, a psych-backed social app for making on-demand plans, announced today that it converted over 4,500 new users to its platform this past month and pissed off only a couple of others in its latest marketing stunt. Having just launched to New York City in September, Andplan empowers users to make plans to do their favorite activity in as little as 5 minutes.

“One thing that worked well,” explained Nick, Co-Founder and CEO of Andplan, “was we would find a Meetup group that had decent turnouts to their events, which was like finding a needle in a haystack, and then we’d message every single member (besides the organizer, of course) notifying them of a location change for their next event. To their amusement upon arrival, we’d briefly explain who we were, and then we’d proceed to play tennis or eat sushi or play arcade games or whatever activity was intended for that meetup.”

Officially live only on iOS in NYC, Andplan shows you plans posted by others in your area that match your preferences, enabling you to join these plans with the click of a button. Feel like creating your own plan? Choose from Andplan’s database of over 450 activities, set your plan details, and post. It’s that easy.

“We strongly feel that it is our duty to rescue these Meetup users, who, for so long, have had to resort to such a terrible and archaic platform for meeting new people,” said Andplan’s other founder. “It’s the same old thing – People join Meetup groups with such hope to better their social wellbeing, attend a couple of events, realize that only 2% of the people who RSVP actually show up (on a good day), and quickly get fed up with hanging out with just the organizer or being subject to the groups’ schedules. What if you want to find someone to grab food with you NOW or to play tennis with after work on YOUR schedule? I suppose you’re SOL.”

Andplan currently has a couple more tricks in the mix this spooky season with its sights set on rescuing more Meetup users in the NYC area.

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About Andplan: Andplan is a psych-backed social app for making on-demand plans in a little as 5 minutes. With over 450 activities, it empowers you to make plans to do any activity at any time and improves your social wellbeing.

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