Senserva Has Teamed with Netrix to Automate Their Data Workflow and Enrich Insights for the Delivery of Microsoft Customer Workshops

ST. PAUL, Minn., May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Senserva, a leading cloud security provider that produces enhanced visibility and risk prioritization of permission entitlements and compliance, has announced it has partnered with Netrix, an award-winning provider of cybersecurity and end-to-end IT services.

Most organizations struggle on their journey to the cloud to realize the value to their user organization. Questions about  start and where to go next are common. As a result, many aren’t taking advantage of the solutions they’ve purchased nor seeing the adoption levels expected from their business community.

Senserva has teamed with Netrix to automate their data workflow and enrich insights for the delivery of over 100 Microsoft Security Workshops (Threat Protection) per year. Using Senserva’s innovative security management tool, Netrix has saved countless hours of manual data gathering to assess and report on the customer’s environment in each workshop.  Senerva enhances the amount of overwhelming data produced by native tools to provide pinpointed risk data on excessive user and application rights in Azure Active Directory and audits on conditional access and MFA.

"We believe Senserva provides a great amount of innovation in the Microsoft security world and are very focused on helping accelerate the delivery of our security workshops", said Rich Lilly, Partner, Director of Security. "The Senserva team was great to work with, responsive and focused on meeting our needs."

The Senserva Integrated Partner program brings together industry-leading technology and service vendors for end-to-end zero trust technology automation and management so all our customers can take advantage of current and future technology to reduce risk and costs.

"The Senserva and Netrix partnership is a great combination to train practitioners on the latest innovation to automate and bring more control to enterprise cloud security," said Mark Shavlik, Senserva Chief Executive Officer "As cloud computing becomes more widely implemented, complexity to identify security entitlement continues to grow."

About Senserva

Senserva is a Microsoft Security Excellence Award Finalist for Security Software Innovator 2022 and a Globee named Startup of the Year in Cloud Management Solutions. We automate the process of empowering enterprises to meet compliance requirements, reduce data breaches, escalation of privileges, and configuration drift through continuous identification and prioritization of risks. Unlike other solutions, Senserva’s patent-pending technology and industry experience led by Microsoft expert Mark Shavlik allows customers to identify cloud risks in less time with reduced complexity through data analysis.

About Netrix

Netrix is a leading global provider of cloud, collaboration, cybersecurity, data, and development services. Netrix addresses the most mission-critical IT needs of midsize and enterprise businesses through both proprietary and fully managed solutions. For more information, please visit and follow Netrix on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

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