Securing Multiple US Patents, Source Digital Establishes Itself at the Forefront of Next-Generation Advertising and E-Commerce Technology

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With 7 US patents granted and 6 more pending, Source Digital has both the innovative approach along with the technological muscle to actively pioneer the next generation of advertising and commerce technology. After 7 years of stealth development, Source Digital reinvents advertising through a revolutionary technology that activates brands and commerce companies on content with publisher partners by integrating them into organic viewer engagement at any moment in time. Now, with multiple federal patents secured, the company establishes its proprietary technology as the leading e-commerce approach empowered to manage the Content-Item Data, along with the Environmental Data and Content Type layer.

“These patents reflect the innovation of the entire company in bringing groundbreaking solutions to the market,” says Source Digital Chief Product Officer Michael Phillips. “We are immensely proud of our technology, as it marks the next wave in more responsive, efficient e-commerce.”  

Shortly after partnering with LiveXLive, the first “live social music network,” to create a relevant and wholly organic contextual experience for consumers, Source Digital releases details on its host of awarded patents, which include:

  • Three patents related to A CONTENT DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM (US Patent No. 8,363,618; 8,660,959; 8,925,006) – These allow Source Digital to operate a platform that manages user information and experience based on detecting any environmental condition or variable in any space in which that electronic device is located. This information is then sent to the platform (cloud) to deliver a new or updated experience based on that conditional response from location or device. Also covers additional claims or precision that include rules based on the internal relationships of the content (within the title such as every time your favorite celebrity in video appears “do this”), as well as external rules and conditions such as environmental, location, weather, gender, etc. The latter can be concatenated with the former for complex conditions to be met.
  • Two patents related to AUDIO FINGERPRINTING BASED ON AUDIO ENERGY CHARACTERISTICS (US Patent No. 9,786,298; 10,540,993) – These outline the method by which all companion devices/applications sync to a primary device. This is Source Digital’s ACR technology that is unique in the method by which it not only identifies a program but also its moment in time relative to the content. From these identified moments in time, all activations of the platform are curated against and delivered as needed. Additional claims are provided in this filing.
  • Two patents related to SYNCHRONIZING ANCILLARY DATA (US Patent No. 10,397,663; 10,715,879) – These stipulate that synchronizing ancillary data to content (including audio) includes obtaining a representation of the content’s audio and ancillary data pegged to instants in the representation of the content’s audio, and aligning the representation of the content’s audio to synchronize the ancillary data pegged to the instants in the representation of the content’s audio to the content.

Learn more about Source Digital, offering the first seamless, in-video consumer attribution and purchasing processes that continue to engage the end-user while delivering substantially increased revenue, at Discover an advanced technology that enables multi-billion dollar entities and small businesses alike to fully leverage sales funnels by introducing opportunities for product purchase at just the right moment in a user’s journey, completely agnostic to any device or screen. Follow @SourceSync on Instagram, @SourceSync_io on Twitter or connect with the tech company on LinkedIn at Source Digital.

Krista Bartzi

SOURCE Source Digital

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