SecureMyEmail™ Offers Free Encrypted Email Service Without the Need to Switch Email Providers

RESTON, Va., March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Veteran VPN and internet privacy and security services provider, WiTopia,, announced today they are offering free end-to-end encryption for Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft email users through their SecureMyEmail™ encrypted email service.  SecureMyEmail ‘s unique approach allows users to keep their current email addresses while adding modern security and privacy features.

Despite email’s ubiquity as a global communication and data archiving platform, it has lagged far behind the safety and privacy offered by modern messaging applications.

This exposes personal and business email users to serious and unnecessary risks to their privacy, intellectual property, and the general safety of their communications and saved files. This is evidenced by a seemingly endless series of major email hacks in recent years as well as growing concerns that email providers, and their partners, actively scan emails to capture and sell user data to third parties.

“We all use email to share and save important personal and business information because it’s familiar and easy, but it’s actually dangerous,” said Bill Bullock, CEO of WiTopia. “Email’s current security and privacy protections are inadequate and antiquated,” continued Bullock. “If email came out today, nobody would even think of using it.”

SecureMyEmail’s zero-knowledge architecture ensures encrypted emails and attachments are only viewable by the sender and their recipients. No one, including the user’s email provider, internet company, or even Witopia itself, ever has access to the encrypted email or attachments.

This protection remains even when the emails are saved on the email providers’ servers. In fact, even if a user has their email account hacked, messages encrypted with SecureMyEmail, will remain protected.

SecureMyEmail’s free service offers unlimited use for a single email address that ends in,, or most Microsoft consumer addresses, including Hotmail, MSN. Live, and

If a user wishes to encrypt more than one email address, has a different email provider, or uses a custom personal or business domain, they receive a zero-obligation 30-day free trial of SecureMyEmail’s paid service.

About WiTopia

WiTopia is an internet privacy and security company based in Reston, Virginia. In early 2005, the launch of our personalVPN™ service pioneered the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, then used solely to protect government and business data, to give individuals the ability to connect to the internet privately, securely, and without censorship or geo-restrictions. With the addition of our CloakBox™ VPN Router and SecureMyEmail™ encrypted email service, we continue to work to ensure that a secure, private, and censorship-free internet is available to everyone. Today, WiTopia’s products and services provide internet freedom, security, and privacy to individuals, businesses, and organizations in more than 190 countries. 

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