Sage Clarity Releases ABLE 4.2 Cloud Based IIoT Solution

The new release includes a Factory View Historian function for time series trending

CHICAGO, Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sage Clarity, a leading provider of IIoT solutions, is pleased to announce the release of ABLE 4.2. ABLE 4.2 brings several improvements and innovative features to market, including a powerful Factory View Historian function.

ABLE is a cloud-based, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution that provides real-time root cause analysis for manufacturing operations as part of Sage Clarity’s MES ecosystem product suite. The software’s previous release featured innovations in machine fault learning, intelligent root cause analysis and KPI heatmaps. ABLE 4.2 represents the next significant iteration of Sage Clarity’s flagship manufacturing software.

New to ABLE 4.2 is the Factory View Historian functionality, for time series trending that’s designed to help companies fulfill the needs of both processing and packaging operations. This new feature offers the ability to marry analog data with different ABLE production views.

For Packaging operations, ABLE 4.2 can plot line speed info and ramp up/down data against production state model data to correlate downtime and centerline information. The software can also plot multiple analog data streams together for V-Curve Bottleneck Analysis. It can even help assess conveyor health KPIs by juxtaposing zone-specific Boolean data with downtime data from upstream operations.

When used in processing for recipe analysis, ABLE can marry recipe state data with pressure, temperature, and other variables, to correlate process steps with related parameter data.

“We’re very excited about this new release and the powerful potential of our Factory View Historian feature,” says Sage Clarity President John Oskin. “ABLE continues to evolve with new functionality, to meet the growing demands of digital factory operations across multifaceted value streams.”

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Cale Loken

SOURCE Sage Clarity