RTRO, The Call List, PERKSY and FUSE.AR Have a World Mental Health Day Discussion: New Technology Platforms and Products Offering Digital Experiences That Support Mental Health

NEW YORK, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On World Mental Health Day, Monday, October 10, 2022, four emerging tech platforms are aligning to launch a discussion on how digital experiences can be designed and developed not only for functionality, but also with people’s mental well-being, positive self-perception and emotional outlook in mind.

From social media to virtual event platforms, insights gathering, gaming, augmented reality, and biometrics, digital experiences offer the opportunity to support and promote behaviors and habits that reinforce positive mental health and wellness. Since the pandemic, the world has seen a 25 percent rise in mental health issues according to the WHO. Many newly emerging tech products and their founders are leading the way in exploring how their product’s interface, experience, features, and prompts can possibly help offset this and offer both brands and consumers new ways to engage more mindfully and intentionally.

RTRO is a social platform in development to help Millennials and Gen Z build a strong sense of self and community while having fun with throwback communication and content creation. 69 percent of Gen Z and Millennials feel negative and depressed using social media. The biggest contributing factors are comparing oneself to others, negativity, fear of missing out and seeing brand ads in their feed. RTRO helps brands find more positive ways to connect with new and existing communities by giving them a space to offer high value digital experiences instead of traditional in-feed advertising. 

“We are looking back to when social was simple. RTRO is being designed with features to bring communities closer, keep them even more connected, and offers nostalgic, throwback, old school ways to share thoughtful, mindful messages, video content music, and more.” Nicole Falco, Founder

THE CALL LIST is a customizable virtual event platform that is people-first designed with 2-way interactivity that gives the users agency during virtual events. It is the preferred platform for brands who don’t want to passively talk-at their audiences, but are truly interested in their community’s participation in crafting the brand narrative. The Call List’s suite of interactive features has been leveraged for mental health forums and experiences around female wellness with Nicole Ritchie, physical wellbeing with Rebel Wilson, Olivia Culpo, Ashley Graham and Ricki Lake.

“People want agency in their virtual experiences and The Call List helps brands create beautiful, intentional, virtual spaces to have and facilitate dialogues with their communitiesAmanda Patterson Riso, Founder

PERKSY is an agile data collection platform that powers real-time engagement with premium, hard-to-reach audiences through an immersive & interactive mobile app experience. With a focus on Millennial and Gen-Z audiences, PERKSY is the bridge between brands and this group, offering them the opportunity to have their voices and feedback heard while earning rewards from brands. PERKSY’s unique approach to survey design and delivery is fun and intuitive; they are redefining data capture by making it relevant for the mobile generation. Brands and agencies leverage PERKSY to validate decisions, test concepts, and better understand what these generations want and need – using the results to tailor their products and marketing accordingly.

“At PERKSY we have always believed in building products that satisfy two important desires central to the human experience: that we all want to be heard, and we all want to be entertained. We have always aimed to build products that prioritize the user experience, makes them feel good, and adds value to their lives. Technology companies have a responsibility to design for good, meaning that they need to design with the well-being of the user in mind. We hope that we can continue to do our part in contributing to a more positive digital experience by continuing to provide products that entertain and delight, while giving these audiences the space to feel heard and understood by the brands who seek to serve them.” Nadia Masri, Founder & CEO

FUSE.AR is a patented, AI powered augmented reality platform empowering brands to bring delightful and uplifting fun digital experiences to more than 300 million consumers worldwide with an average of 50 percent of consumer engagement. 76% of Gen Z and Millennials polled are interested in brands creating more AR experiences for them as they find them entertaining. This unique, affordable & accessible solution enables brands and creators to quickly and easily create interactive AR content that can be deployed on any platform with nothing but a 2D image – no coding required. 

“The way we engage today on social media has changed and with that there is a great opportunity to take care and react with new methods elevating the wellness of the users as a priority. This will change the way we advertise, the control over fake information and over our privacy data and more. The ability these days to use AI to better understand the reactions of the users to content and to recommend content based on fields such as biometrics can help us to shape better tools that will support a better future with social media as an organic positive tool” -Liat Sade Sternberg Founder & CEO

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