Rodent Recon Powered by IoT Leader Skyhawk Now Available

DERRY, N.H., Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PICA Product Development (PPD) is pleased to announce the latest IoT solution powered by the Skyhawk® platform, Rodent Recon. Rodent Recon solves the problem of monitoring rodent control traps with a remote, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution. No more wasted time crawling into attics and other hard-to-reach locations to find empty rodent traps. Pest control alerts are delivered to the user via the phone app, empowering technicians to help customers quickly solve their rodent issues. 

Built on the award-winning Skyhawk IoT platform, Rodent Recon was designed in conjunction with pest control industry experts. The solution consists of targeted pest control sensors, a hub/gateway, a smartphone application and an enterprise portal for overall rodent control management. The sensors detect rodent trap or pest bait station activity and communicate this to the hub via a local RF signal. The electronic pest control hub has an integrated cellular connection and relays sensor activities to the smartphone application. The enterprise portal enables large companies to manage thousands of pest control hubs and sensors for their field service teams and can integrate with other business process software providing valuable data on rodent control trap activity. 

The Rodent Recon Pest Control system is:

  • Cost-effective – Able to be deployed at commercial or residential locations. 
  • Flexible – Can work with virtually any bait station or trap. 
  • Intuitive – Simple setup requires minimal training and no on-site support so technicians can use it immediately.
  • Battery-powered – Also includes an integrated cellular connection for ease of use at any location.

Rich Shevelow, CEO at Skyhawk said, "We are excited to launch Rodent Recon, our newest product that leverages the power of our Skyhawk Internet of Things platform. The Rodent Recon electronic pest control system will help companies increase technician productivity, cut costs and improve IPM efforts." 

Rodent Recon will be on display at the Pest Management industry’s largest tradeshow, PestWorld, happening in Las Vegas from November 2-5, 2021. Learn more at

PestWorld is the largest event for the pest control management industry and is run by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). NPMA is a non-profit organization with nearly 5,000 members from around the world and was established in 1933 to support the pest management industry’s commitment to the protection of public health, food and property.

Skyhawk is part of the PICA family of companies (PICA Manufacturing Solutions and PICA Product Development). For 25 years, PICA has helped bring innovative products to market including handheld barcode readers, smartphones and high-speed switching stations for optical networks. With our extensive design and world-wide manufacturing resources, we are leading an IoT revolution that permits cost-effective and ultra-reliable monitoring of places and things. The Skyhawk platform utilizes LTE Cat M1 and Low Power Wide Area Network communications technologies to support IoT devices. All Skyhawk devices are designed to be deployed in locations that do not offer easily accessible power or internet connections.   
No Wi-fi. No Power. No Problem.® 

Greg Donahue, Director of Marketing 
PICA Product Development

SOURCE Skyhawk