Revnue Launches Contract Authoring and Negotiation Capabilities to Complete its Powerful Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Platform

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Revnue Corp. (, announced this week the launch of its Pre-Signature feature that empowers organizations to author, execute, and manage contracts within a single, unified platform.

"At Revnue, our goal was to deliver a platform that provides an end-to-end contract management solution for our customers. With the release of our Pre-signature feature, we are delivering on that promise. With Revnue, customers can accelerate their digital contract transformation, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency." said founder and CEO Sunny Sharma.

With the launch of contract authoring, Revnue now completes the contract lifecycle management process with support for Pre-Signature, eSignature, and post-Signature phases.

Revnue’s new pre-signature feature will allow customers to author contracts and begin the journey towards more efficient and standardized contract templates and frameworks. Customers will also have the ability to create custom clause libraries and integrate specific terms and conditions directly into the contract through a seamless drag and drop experience.

The pre-signature feature will also include contract redlining, empowering users with the ability to track comments and access a document’s revision history. Once completed, the contract can then be sent out for execution via integrated eSignature, and later managed within the intuitive dashboard.

"We’re excited for users to experience the new pre-signature feature. We believe it’s a game changing capability and underscores our commitment to bringing simple, powerful and efficient contract management to all our customers." said John Cortez, Revnue’s Co-founder and COO.

The pre-signature phase is now available to current users of the Revnue CLM platform.

About Revnue

Revnue is an AI-powered intelligent digital contract management platform that is transforming the way organizations manage their contracts. By making contract management accessible to everyone, from small businesses to large enterprises, the company aims to make a positive impact on millions of customers across the globe. The company was founded by a team of veterans from Microsoft, Warner Bros., and VMware who have years of experience in digital contracting and a deep passion for technology. More information on Revnue can be found at the official website: Follow @revnuecorp on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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