Reduce Your Clutter, Help the World: Declutter Offers a Unique Platform to Donate Gently Used Items and Benefit the Global Standard of Living $1 at a Time

AJAX, ON, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Reduce your clutter…and help improve the global standard of living $1 at a time.

It’s the intriguing and empowering concept at the core of Canadian company, H & T Labs’, innovative platform, Declutter, ( Simplifying our lives, most specifically removing clutter that accumulates through the years, is not so simple, but the platform is seeking to change that in a unique way.

Declutter platform conveniently connects donors of gently used items to anyone within their locality who needs them. The site, also available as a one-stop app in the Apple store and in Google Play, essentially serves as an online global $1 store for used items. The same account can be used to donate or buy items from the platform. To donate, the user simply snaps pictures of the item and uploads it to Declutter. Anyone within a local area can pay a $1 token to the platform to obtain access to contact a donor via the in-app chat function to arrange pick up.

Donors will get issued a Declutter token for every item donated on the platform. A token qualifies the donor to vote on the charity organization Declutter will make monetary donations to at the end of each year.

“Declutter is perfect for anyone that has gently used items they want to give away and everybody that loves a bargain,” said Tosan Ekoko, CEO of H & T Labs. “The $1 price point makes it affordable for most people. Our ultimate mission is to improve the global standard of living, a dollar at a time. We are a one-of-its-kind platform at the intersection of the charity/thrifting industry and dollar stores.”

The top features and benefits of the Declutter platform include:

  • Simple to use — In just two easy steps — snap a product image and upload — Declutter makes giving away gently-used items simple and helps people that need them most.
  • Convenient, reduces clutter — Transfers the burden of transportation from the donor to the buyer. Rather than spend money to get rid of big or small items you no longer need, the recipient comes to you to pick them up instead.
  • Affordable — All items on the platform are sold for a dollar irrespective of the current market value. Declutter users have bought used functional laptops, TVs, grills, heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, cabinets, décor, strollers, car seats, rugs, and even new items for just a $1 token.

“We all have items we haven’t used in years but can make others happy,” Ekoko said. “We all have a part to play in narrowing the gap in the standard of living around the world, and together, we can achieve this.”

H & T Labs has launched an equity funding campaign, ( ), to spread awareness about Declutter among consumers and the investment community.


Based in Ontario, Canada, H & T Labs launched the innovative Declutter platform last year that conveniently connects donors of gently used items to anyone within their same locality who needs them. For more information, please visit

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