ReadyShipper X Shipping Software Adds Warehouse Automation & Discounted, Surcharge-Free USPS Rates for the Holidays

PHOENIX, Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ReadyCloud ( has announced a major update to its ReadyShipper X shipping software supporting rapid deployment for warehouse automation with new features that are designed to improve the way midmarket e-tailers work.

Fast, accurate shipping plays a significant role in consumer satisfaction, especially over the holidays, when delivery is critical. ReadyShipper X is hybrid-cloud shipping software that can be rapidly deployed to support one or multiple warehouses with advanced shipping logic to automate decision making. 

“ReadyShipper X has advantages over any other system in the industry. Browser-based shipping software is slow, with limited printing and automation capabilities,” comments Michael Lazar, an Executive at ReadyCloud.

“ReadyShipper X is powered by the desktop, not a web browser, and shares small bits of data with its online database in ReadyCloud,” Lazar explains. “This means that holiday shippers won’t be breaking a sweat, with the ability to generate up to three shipping labels per second.”

Now with rules-driven filters and tag-based actions, ReadyShipper X can make an existing workforce more efficient as well as power more output from an automated warehouse system. The plot driving the new ReadyShipper X is the ability to deploy and scale up quickly to meet the challenges of the peak season.

“ReadyShipper X delivers big peak season benefits,”Lazar explains. “It expedites shipping; and faster shipping means a savings in human resource costs. It also delivers USPS Priority Mail rates without the costly surcharges!”

The USPS announced this year that there will be a $0.25$0.50 holiday surcharge on all outbound packages. ReadyShipper X is not impacted by these USPS surcharges with stable rates throughout the holidays, boasting savings of up to 15% below Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) on Priority Mail.

“Outperform expectations this holiday season with ReadyShipper X,” Lazar concludes. “Ship faster. Ship more accurately. Ship for less!”

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