Raydiant Partners with Walls.io for Engaging, Customizable Social Media Walls for Businesses and Special Events

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Raydiant, the top customer-rated digital signage and experience platform on the market, has partnered with Walls.io to boost brick-and-mortar engagement with customizable social walls. Walls.io, a marketing solution for the creation of social media content hubs, allows users to create and automate fully customizable social media walls for their locations and events to boost customer engagement and drive sales and brand loyalty.

Walls.io pulls from a brand’s own social media content, with the ability to aggregate and display content from more than 13 social media platforms. Brands can use their own content as well as user-generated content to create attention-grabbing social walls to use as marketing tools for brick-and-mortar businesses. These social walls can be customized with logos and other branding, and attractive template designs. Content can be curated to include specific hashtags, keywords, and other approved sources.

Walls.io also gives users the ability to moderate their social wall content, filtering and blocking certain users, phrases, spam, and other content. Moderation can be automated, or users can set it to manual, if they wish to approve each post before it goes live. Walls.io social walls can even be used to display sponsored posts and ads at businesses and events, as a way for brands to create extra revenue through their screen ad space.

Raydiant CEO Bobby Marhamat commented on the partnership: "Our customers are always looking for ways to elevate the in-store customer experience, especially right now when the pandemic has brought a lot of challenges to brick and mortars. We’re constantly hearing from our customers that they’re looking for ways to draw more foot traffic into their locations, and bridge the gap between their online and offline presence. Walls social walls answer both challenges, helping brands create fun, interactive in-location experiences that engage and delight customers, bringing them back for more."

Michael Kamleitner, CEO of Walls.io, is equally delighted about joining forces with Raydiant. He commented: "We know Raydiant’s reputation for creating engaging customer experiences through their digital signage and multi-purpose platform. Integrating Walls into the Raydiant platform makes perfect sense. They’re both easy-to-use, yet impactful platforms designed to attract and engage customers through highly visual, fully immersive experiences."

Now part of the Raydiant app marketplace, Walls.io is accessible via the Raydiant dashboard, and can utilize Raydiant-enabled screens as their social walls. To learn more about this exciting new partnership, visit raydiant.com.

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Bobby Marhamat



SOURCE Raydiant, Inc.