Rapidus Introduces Cashless Tipping Option for All Deliveries – Innovative Same-Day Courier Delivery Service Continues to Set Bar for How Businesses Interact With E-Commerce Delivery Drivers and End-Customers

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rapidus (http://www.rapidus.com/) announced the addition of a cashless tip option to its popular transportation service app, allowing business customers a secure gratuity-payment portal while also enhancing the overall customer and delivery driver experience. Rapidus is a leader of innovative B2B delivery solutions, providing one-hour and same-day, last-mile delivery for a wide variety of industries and businesses across California, Colorado, Washington, Texas, and Illinois. Rapidus matches business customers with excess cargo capacity, providing fast, trackable, convenient and guaranteed 24/7 deliveries.

"Rapidus is focused on the long-term working relationships between business shippers and professional couriers," said Olexandr Prokhorenko, CEO of Rapidus. "And while tipping has always been fully discretional by the shipper, we strongly believe that putting effort into improving the user experience of these interactions will meaningfully improve the overall courier experience. The tipping functionality has been fully integrated with our portal and is even possible through integration with Rapidus back-office API and EDI platforms. With our growing presence in the retail, pharma, and e-commerce distribution space, our business partners are able to offer a pass-through of tips from their end-customers in a safe but reliable and transparent manner."

Rapidus: Courier-Friendly Delivery Services

Rapidus offers flexible choices for delivery services that includes custom pickup and delivery times, instant quotes, automated delivery placement, advanced notifications via text and email, full chain-of-custody accountability, and real-time tracking. These are some of the services that have always elevated Rapidus above its competitors, but keeping the payment and gratuity process transparent while also providing additional value to couriers is a central Rapidus priority as well.

"Thousands of professional courier delivery companies use Rapidus to connect with business shippers across our multistate service area," said Prokhorenko. "They are the lifeblood of a variety of processes that keep economies up and running around the world. We realize how a disproportionate impact on businesses may suddenly result in a lack of resources to stay open and maintain regular operations. So Rapidus will continue to innovate and invest in our delivery partnership with courier companies nationwide, using technology to leverage and strike a perfect balance between adequate, prompt, and proper compensation for couriers in a cost-effective way that also serves our business shippers. This is just a good idea for the entire delivery chain: from business companies through delivery drivers, all the way to the end-customer."

Rapidus continues to invest in fine-tuning innovative models that maximize its delivery partners’ engagement with business leads, while building stronger relationships and ensuring prompt and proper compensation to each delivery professional. This is one of the reasons why Rapidus is trusted by over 5,000 businesses, including high-tech industries, major airlines, medical and bioscience companies, in addition to engineering, retail, warehousing, manufacturing industries, and more.

About Rapidus

Established in 2016, Rapidus was founded to challenge the business delivery status quo with innovation and unmatched focus on customers. Offering a vast network of professional delivery partners with unused cargo capacity, Rapidus matches them to business customers who need delivery services in its growing, multi-state service area. Connected via technology with local and global destinations, drivers within targeted neighborhoods continuously recycle unused ground and air transport capacities to establish solid, reliable deliveries anywhere in the service area — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Rapidus delivery marketplace offers a low cost of carrier switching with a greater choice of delivery agents, complete visibility at every step of a supply chain, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and a seamless experience. For more information on Rapidus, please visit: www.Rapidus.com

Media Contact:
Olexandr Prokhorenko, CEO
Rapidus Inc.