Rapidus Adds Customer-Service Satisfaction (CSAT) Tools in Response to Growing Demand for Last-Mile Local Delivery from E-Commerce – Helping Businesses Secure and Maintain Impeccable Reputations with Valuable CSAT Data Collection

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rapidus (http://www.rapidus.com/) announced a newly integrated CSAT function that allows end-customers to offer a wide variety of feedback responses and comments based on overall delivery experience. Rapidus can then leverage these CSAT reports to help guide the evolution of its services in tandem with customer needs while also providing valuable feedback to each business client who uses the Rapidus service. Rapidus is a leader of innovative B2B delivery solutions, matching business customers with excess cargo capacity and providing fast, trackable, convenient and guaranteed 24/7 deliveries across California, Colorado, Washington, Texas, and Illinois.

"After stepping into the e-commerce space just a few years ago, we quickly realized how the vendor selection process works in the minds of our end-customers," said Olexandr Prokhorenko, CEO of Rapidus. "Large or small, the key to your company’s success is the end-to-end experience of your customer. And the vast majority of customers do not separate their delivery experience from their shopping experience. That has profound implications for every business that needs to deliver goods and services. Poor delivery services can irreparably damage a brand that e-commerce merchants are working so hard to build. Collecting data on customers’ experiences is the only way to know for sure how customers are impacted, and thus, whether or not they will return."

Rapidus: Helping Businesses Understand Customers’ Needs

In an e-commerce world where customer data has become a critical research resource, traditional courier companies are struggling to meet the demands of a fast-paced and dynamic market. Rapidus prioritizes customer satisfaction, using CSAT feedback in a way that allows companies to proactively analyze, monitor, and take action to correct even the tiniest deficiencies.

"CSAT reports are often the only voice that customers have, and frankly, I’m surprised this has been largely ignored by most of the players in the delivery space," said Prokhorenko. "Our unique approach to CSAT data collection allows us the flexibility to adapt to different aspects of the delivery process. This affects efficiency in many ways: turnaround, estimated delivery times, customer location, handoff processes, and more. We also work with merchants to collect CSAT data they consider important, especially as we begin to work with a wider range of customers for a virtually unlimited variety of products: food, gifts, electronics, groceries, etc. After partnering with Shopify last year, we experienced strong demand in local delivery services from e-commerce merchants, so we will continue to improve and enhance our service offerings to match the needs of those customers as well."

Rapidus is expanding its footprint in technology-driven e-commerce platforms, providing a competitive advantage to SMB and mid-sector businesses in delivering purchases to their local customer base. On the path to becoming a nationwide delivery service, Rapidus is also working on providing a more holistic approach to delivery by facilitating pickups and dropoffs to airport cargos.

About Rapidus

Established in 2016, Rapidus was founded to challenge the business delivery status quo with innovation and unmatched focus on customers. Offering a vast network of professional delivery partners with unused cargo capacity, Rapidus matches them to business customers who need delivery services in its growing, multi-state service area. Connected via technology with local and global destinations, drivers within targeted neighborhoods continuously recycle unused ground and air transport capacities to establish solid, reliable deliveries anywhere in the service area — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Rapidus delivery marketplace offers a low cost of carrier switching with a greater choice of delivery agents, complete visibility at every step of a supply chain, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and a seamless experience. For more information on Rapidus, please visit: www.Rapidus.com

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Olexandr Prokhorenko, CEO
Rapidus Inc.


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