Quad9 Appoints CEO Nadia Alter to Drive Policy and Global Initiatives

Quad9 protects Internet users against cyber-threats, including malware, phishing, and stalkerware, hundreds of millions of times each day, at no cost.

ZURICH, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Global nonprofit DNS recursive resolver Quad9 has appointed Nadia Alter to the role of CEO. Previous chief executive John Todd remains in the role of General Manager, leading technical operations. Corey Mosher (Chief Technology Officer) and Danielle Deibler (Chief Security Officer) also remain in their positions.

“Both the digital economy and threats to its stability continue to grow. We all rely on the Internet to prepare for, respond to, and recover from existential threats,” said Alter. “It is an honor to lead this organization as we continue to protect vulnerable populations and economies around the globe. My first priority is Sony’s ongoing legal attack against Quad9, which threatens to set a precedent diminishing Internet freedoms, safety, and privacy. We will continue to defend Internet users against this threat and any other similar ones which may emerge.”

Over the past decade, Alter has designed and delivered collaborative intelligence platforms for activists as well as public, private, and third-sector organizations, including recent work on the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet program. Quad9 will leverage this expertise to drive global initiatives in Internet security and privacy.

“Speaking for the Quad9 DNS Foundation Council, I’m immensely pleased to welcome Nadia Alter as the organization’s new CEO.” said Foundation Council chair Bill Woodcock. “We believe that her leadership skills, privacy advocacy, and global perspective are exactly what Quad9 needs to continue growing and forging new partnerships.”

“The addition of Nadia to the Quad9 team rounds out our expertise on global privacy and security initiatives and policy change,” said John Todd, General Manager. “Her knowledge, experience, and European perspective on the core topics of privacy and individual security will be invaluable to our continued rapid global expansion and furtherance of our mission to protect the integrity of the Internet and the safety and privacy of its users.”

Quad9 remains committed to its core goals of improving the safety of vulnerable populations and addressing the effects of growing digitalization and hyperconnectivity. The organization adds climate impact to its list of priorities while working to reduce the carbon footprint of the internet at the global infrastructural level. To learn more about Quad9, visit www.quad9.net.

About Quad9

Quad9 (www.quad9.net) is a global not-for-profit public-benefit organization that provides cybersecurity protection against malware, phishing, and other cyber-threats. Based in Switzerland, Quad9 leverages Switzerland’s famed privacy laws to protect Internet users throughout the world.

Quad9 is one of the three large public DNS resolvers and operates in underserved countries to provide a safer digital ecosystem for the world’s most vulnerable citizens, as well as the already-economically-advantaged countries which are the focus of commercial competitors. It exists for the purpose of improving privacy and security and does not collect or sell personal data. It relies on grants and donations to provide services to individuals and organizations at no cost.

Learn more about Quad9 and our case with Sony here: Quad9 Sony Legal Case

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