Purpose-Focused Startup Way Beyond Work Announces Pre-Launch Site Go-Live

The new collaboration platform offers professionals an unconventional approach to finding meaningful work – while providing partner companies with potentially unlimited access to top-tier talent

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, July 7, 2022  /PRNewswire/ —  Way Beyond Work (WBW) today announced the go-live of its pre-launch site. In the wake of tens of millions of worker resignations in 2021 and 2022, the startup aims to provide access to an abundance of short-term, meaningful collaboration and work opportunities. Its aim: connecting passionate yet often burned-out professionals with ambitious, mission-driven startups.

"Way Beyond Work’s mission is meaningful work," explains WBW founder, Eve Strauss. "On one hand, we want to help professionals reignite their passion for what they do, or pivot their careers into something that feels more purposeful. On the other, we want to support startups doing work that truly matters. At a time when so many companies seem focused on delivering non-specific ‘efficiencies’ or promoting the sale of yet more consumer goods, we want to support the few companies brave enough to strive for what’s really important. Equally, we want to stand behind professionals ambitious enough to aspire to a greater sense of working purpose."

The startup’s founding is timely. According to a recent Gallup poll, only 21% of global employees say they’re engaged at work. Just a third say they are personally thriving. "It’s a situation that has to change," says Strauss. "Work is a profound source of worth for every human being. If you feel a lack, it can affect almost every aspect of your life."

For access to the service, WBW will charge qualifying startups one low flat annual fee. That access will grant the company unlimited "hires", as all the short-term collaborations it brokers are unpaid.

Yet long-term working partnerships are one of WBW’s chief aims, notes Strauss. "If both parties feel there’s a match, we can help turn a short-term engagement into permanent, paid work."

Way Beyond Work (www.waybeyondwork.com) is now accepting applications from both professionals and startups. The first five qualifying companies to work with WBW will get free lifetime access to the service – meaning potentially limitless access to the skills of top-tier professionals, for free, for good.

"It’s about doing real, purposeful work," Strauss concludes. "So much of what’s come before doesn’t serve us. Let’s move towards what does."

Eve Strauss

SOURCE Way Beyond Work