Private 5G for Carpeted Enterprises: Adding to Wi-Fi

New report predicts how Private 5G will be used in Education, Healthcare, Retail, Public Venues, and Offices

CAMPBELL, Calif., March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Mobile Experts released a new report this week, with detailed analysis of integration of Private LTE and Private 5G into existing Wi-Fi networks in enterprises.   The new market study dives into the non-industrial vertical markets, to illustrate how Private Cellular will augment the existing use of private wireless in offices, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, stadiums, hospitality, and event venues.

The report provides clear insights into the technology choices in enterprise wireless, showing the strengths and weaknesses of Enterprise Wi-Fi, and how new technologies such as Open RAN, 5G-Advanced, Edge Computing, and Dedicated and Virtual Private 5G will play roles in bringing better solutions to market.    The report clarifies the uncertainties around Network Slicing on the wide-area public 5G network and alternatives with dedicated on-premises radio equipment.   Neutral-hosted small cells using MOCN (Multi-Operator Core Networks), as an added use case of a private network, is also highlighted, with interesting cost analysis to compare MOCN with DAS and Wi-Fi solutions.

Kyung Mun, Principal Analyst, interviewed more than 30 companies in the ‘carpeted enterprise’ market, on top of his previous investigations into the Industrial and Enterprise Private Cellular markets.    Specifically, Mr. Mun interviewed Cloud players, mobile operators, network vendors, and system integrators to develop a clear 360-degree view of the market.

“Some enterprises are emerging from the proof-of-concept phase into commercial deployments, having answered the ‘Why 5G’ question and moving to ‘How’,” contends Mun. “While some cost challenges remain, we expect to see strong growth in the carpeted enterprise market, around 29% CAGR over the next five years.   Many of these enterprises need more reliable and more secure communications as a foundational layer for digital transformation use cases, and they will add Private Cellular to their existing Enterprise Wi-Fi platforms.”

“The interesting part of this market will be tracking the business model.    In some of these markets, we expect to see a rapid shift from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model…in other words, these carpeted enterprises would rather pay for a service than own and manage their Private Cellular equipment,” continued Kyung Mun.

This report also utilizes the popular Mobile Experts Readiness Wheel to illustrate the maturity of the market for Private Cellular.    The Readiness Wheel shows that radio networks and core networks are ready to go, but lack of clarity in business models and IT/OT integration and nascent device ecosystem has slowed down the initial adoption.    In each vertical market, the system integrators, hyperscalers, and telcos are starting to emerge from their proof-of-concept trials, so Mobile Experts anticipates the business models and software integration to be worked out, supporting our accelerated growth outlook.

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