Prismic Announces $20M Series A to Break the Web into “Slices”

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Prismic announced $20M in funding to be used to globally deploy their fully-customizable website builder in the massive content creation market. Bootstrapped since its inception, headquartered in Paris with a presence in Cambridge, MA, Prismic has been profitable since 2016 and with over one third of its customers in North America. The Series A funding is co-lead by Aglaé Ventures and Eurazeo and comes on the heels of their product-led international growth.

“We experienced increased demand the past year from companies and individuals using Prismic to customize sections or “slices ” of their websites. We are leaning into the trend to accelerate our growth and help companies reduce reliance on developers by making Prismic the standard way companies are building websites,” said Sadek Drobi, Founder and CEO of Prismic.

Slices are customizable sections that can be mixed and matched to create unique, branded templated pages on an on-going basis. They are used by small and big businesses alike, including North American based companies such as DigitalOcean, HomeDepot and RE/MAX to easily edit online content. 

“Sadek and his team were able to build a powerful and agile solution that already convinced users around the world, without raising external capital. The success of Prismic was driven by their product-first approach and their community-led strategy. We valued these achievements and are happy to give them more resources to keep growing,” said, Cyril Guenoun from Aglaé Ventures

A Headless CMS at its foundation, Prismic comes with a fully customizable website builder. Unlike Web template tools that have rigid pre-made templates and are restricted to designing an entire page, Prismic is about building individual branded sections (slices). This caters to companies that regularly produce new content and want more flexibility with their design without endless iterations with developers. This is particularly helpful with industries like e-commerce retail, real estate companies and advertising agencies and freelancers that work with both larger and smaller companies on an ongoing basis for branded content design. 

In-house developers, agencies and freelancers use Prismic to create custom slices in their technology of choice, using React.js, or Vue.js components, and package them into a Website Builder. Content teams, then, create and update pages of their site by assembling and filling slices with content without needing to sync or reach out to developers every time an update needs to be made.

“While traditional CMS architecture may remain the standard approach for blogs, personal sites and the most basic company websites, we believe that a growing and lasting demand for more flexible, scalable and customizable Content Management systems will emerge from businesses,” said, Nicolas Debock from Eurazeo

With a shortage of developer talent and an ever increasing demand for updated content, the plug and play SaaS option for branded and customized website sections is helping to solve a significant problem in today’s web development.

“2020 was obviously an unusual year and it has changed the way companies do business and reach out to their clients. Retail is an excellent example where we saw over one third of our customer base increase their content creation. As more companies realized that they needed to have a robust e-commerce offering to survive the pandemic, they found that they needed to go beyond the Product and create a digital brand experience with a lot of storytelling,” adds Sadek Drobi.

“This year we have helped some of the biggest names in the retail industry to scale up their content creation and have provided SMB clients with no previous online offering with an affordable way to initiate one.

Our customers find the concept of a fully-customizable page builder very powerful, and we observed that once they come across the concept of slices they begin seeing them in every website and app. The Web is made up of slices and the need for a solution to update and create pages without continuous developer support begins to make so much sense.” 

About Prismic
A Headless CMS at its foundation, Prismic comes with a fully customizable website builder that allows users to update content in “slices”. Unlike Web template tools that have rigid pre-made templates and are restricted to designing an entire page, Prismic is about building individual branded sections. Prismic is a fully remote company, with headquarters in Paris, France and a presence in major cities across the globe. The company counts 40 employees, from 16 different nationalities, serving over 100k users. For more information about Prismic or to join the team, visit

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